Advent Calendar Video by Love Magazine : Alessandra Ambrosio Will Take You to the 'Danger Zone'

Alessandra Ambrosio may be a Brazilian bombshell, but her latest video for Day 11 of Love magazine’s advent calendar is quite possibly the most American thing to happen since freedom fries and the Boston Tea Party. In fact, this video is so pro good ol’ USA, Donald Trump should consider playing it behind him at all of his rallies as the first concrete step in his plan to make America great again.
Advent Calendar Video of Love Magazine : Alessandra Ambrosio Will Take You to the 'Danger Zone'

Evidently, the Feel of NFS isn’t going to be of Tom Cruise only as the Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra gets her Top Gun on. Straddling an American Flag in a pool wearing nothing else but the stars and stripes bikini, a cowboy hat as “Danger Zone” playing in the background. Of course one cannot forget her exciting finger gun maneuvers which seems suggesting her as second coming Billy the Kid. Indeed, the only thing keeping the video from totally replacing the country’s anthem is the oversight of not including handful of hot dogs and bald eagles.

Alessandra doing water logged, patriotic striptease would completely redefine your idea of bikini goals and if it does not nothing ever would. Indeed her writhing atop giant American flag would get you off the couch and to get you to the Gym, but never the less this she will surely inspire you to go Watch original Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins music video a couple of hundred times, which surely make you proud for the country for a completely different set of reasons.

What do you think of Love’s latest advent video? Do you love the Americana theme or do you think it’s cheesy? Who do you want to see in one of these videos next?

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