Spy app for Apple devices: Should parents be allowed to spy on their kids?

Have you been in touch with the newly progressed spying culture? Well, it’s parents taking on their kids’ digital lives with spying apps.

And when it comes to teens’ favourite smartphone, it’s iPhone without a doubt, because according to a survey, 65 percent of the teens owned an iPhone, while 75 percent are expecting their next phone to be an iPhone. For this reason, spy app for Apple devices is also gaining a lot of popularity. Kids hate it when parents monitor their cell phones, but should parents be allowed to monitor their kids, let’s find out by doing a casual cost-benefit analysis.

Car crashes: Leading factor for deaths amongst teens
As a parent, if you don’t know this, you are certainly living in dark about your teens safety. Around one-third of all deaths amongst teens are related to car accidents. And these stats aren’t just as appalling as the figures linked to them. In 2013, 2163 teens ages 16 to 19 were killed in accidents, alone in US.

Parents want to monitor their kids’ cell phones because reckless driving isn’t just one reason why kids get into major accidents. Recently, a teen got injured driving at 107 miles and slamming into another car. Why? Because she was snapchatting and driving simultaneously. Texting and driving is an old story, it’s the age of snapchat and driving.

Video games and child predating
You may have heard of child predating over apps like Kik, but who knew that even online gaming would turn out to be a vital child predating digital ground. In 2014, a 15-year-old boy was killed by a sadistic 18-year-old. They had made friends over a gaming server that was hosted by Daynes (the killer).

Binge cell phone use
Do you know how many hours on average your kids use their cell phone? Around 9 hours. This is particularly dangerous in various ways. Kids are left with lesser time to sleep, study or do their chores. Result: aggravation of health and school grades. Also, kids have started feeling more lonelier since the onset of smartphones.

Kids despise spying but it’s for their safety
Parents are no longer resorting to traditional helicopter parenting. They are using spy app for Apple devices for this purpose. These apps that can lock kids’ cell phones while they are driving. They can monitor social media accounts of their kids and even block access to apps that are potentially harmful to them.

Parents have been given too many reasons to monitor their kids’ cell phones, and using iPhone monitoring apps is a positive sign. If you feel your child is a cell phone addict, take care of their online and offline safety by spying on their phones. 

- Angelica Andrew

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