Review : Captain America Civil War

In ‘Captain America: Civil War,’
Super-Bro Against Super-Bro

Review : Captain America Civil War

Rottentomatoes : 91 %

metacritic : 75%

IMDB : 8.5/10

Critics Review : 

“Civil War” opens in Nigeria with ananarchic, spectacularly explosive action sequence involving gunfire, car crashes, fistfights and an acrobatic chase through a Lagos marketplace.
- Ann Hornaday·Washington Post

Keeping track of who’s who in this superhero multipack poses a challenge, but the screenplay packs a powerful punch
- Wendy Ide·The Guardian
 It's that rare superhero movie that doesn’t grind you down with nonstop action or, worse yet, the usual tiresome cavalcade of smart-ass wisecracks
- Stephanie Zacharek·Time

Marvels Production gives the best out in the Entertainment and ofcourse the Avengers series is always been counted the most awaited by the billions of fans out. The Captain America : Civil war released today and is already in top charts.  It's adopted from the Marvel Comics of 2006-07 of "Civil War". Seen in top ranking and with great critics review, the movie is in MUST WATCH category already.

If you release a movie called “Captain America: Civil War” to an ideologically polarized nation in the midst of a notably contentious presidential campaign, you can expect to reap a whirlwind of think pieces. In spite of occasional public scolding about the rampant misuse of allegorical interpretation, hard-pressed, click-seeking cultural journalists and political pundits can be counted on to take up the hard work of finding echoes, resonances and subtexts in a big pop-cultural pseudo-event. If you hybridized Donald J. Trump and Elon Musk, would you get Tony Stark? Would Captain America’s endorsement have made a difference for John Kasich? Is Ant-Man a Bernie Bro?

I hate to disappoint, but I have to say that I’m not really feeling it. The cues are there, of course. An aura of vaguely topical importance is as vital to a superhero-franchise movie as a merchandising deal. So “Civil War” pauses for a few moments of chin-scratching and speechifying about whether a group of genetically advantaged, highly weaponized individuals should be brought under the supervision of the United Nations. More seriously — because, come on now, do you really think Captain America is going to put on a blue U.N. helmet? — the film glances at some of the moral complexities of modern warfare. The designated good guys are responsible for the deaths of innocents, and the question of their accountability hovers over the movie and sets its plot in motion.


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