Melania Trump is ready to be a fashionable First Lady

Melania Trump isn’t First Lady yet (Obviously), but she’s already dressing the part.

Melania Trump is ready to be a fashionable First Lady

A source who’s worked with the former Slovenian model says it’s impossible for the 5-feet-11 stunner not to look the part of a “trophy wife” — but don’t expect her be covered in shiny gold like all of The Donald’s other possessions.

“Melania is elegant and simple; not flashy, but rich,” says our insider. “She’s being styled to be the trophy wife. That’s who she is.”

We’re told that Melania’s outfit choices will be “muted,” but plush as she becomes more prominent on the campaign trail. We’re also told that she’s expected to support American designers.

“You saw that whole mess (Donald Trump) got into with his clothing line being made in China and Mexico,” says our insider.

That same source let us know a month ago that as Super Tuesday moved nearer, Trump's group would jog out Melania to persuade voters that her xenophobic spouse isn't hostile to outsider to such an extent as he needs settlers to "do it right" and enter the nation legitimately. Beyond any doubt enough, on Monday night, Melania gave an uncommon meeting to Anderson Cooper saying only that.

"He's not hostile to foreigner," she told Cooper on CNN. "I complied with the law. I did it the right way. I didn't simply sneak in and stay here. So I feel that is the thing that individuals ought to do."

Melania Trump is ready to be a fashionable First Lady

In 1999, Mrs. Trump said that on the off chance that her spouse were president, she'd model herself after Jacqueline Kennedy. In any case, she told Cooper on Monday that she'd be her own particular First Lady.

"We are in the 21st century," she said. "I will be me."

We're likewise informed that Team Trump hopes to see The Donald's adversaries concentrate on what Melania wasn't wearing when she postured for GQ magazine in 2000.

"Melania is going to have a picture issue since you're going to see a greater amount of those photographs of her posturing bare," we're told. Our insider marvels if Trump's fervent base is even mindful of that form mag spread.

It hasn’t escaped style watchers that former First Lady and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has taken a quite different road from Melania’s.

“There appears to be a calculated effort not to make her look too rich,” our source opines. “She can’t compete with a former model. Hillary wants to look nice, but more like she could be in the PTA.”
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