South Carolina shows how Donald Trump has reshaped the Republican Party in his image

Donald Trump won the South Carolina primary , coming in more than 10 points ahead of second- and third-place finishers Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

South Carolina shows how Donald Trump has reshaped the Republican Party in his image
The win spells probable doom for Cruz, whose campaign, staked on a strategy of winning over evangelical voters, fell flat in its first real test. Born-again Christians, who Cruz predicted would turn out in droves to propel him to victory, instead broke decisively for Trump, 33 percent to Cruz's 27 percent.

What Republicans want?

Take Trump's proposed blanket ban on Muslims entering the US. Once considered an extreme proposition of questionable constitutionality, the idea won over 74 percent of Republican primary voters — whether or not they ultimately even voted for Trump.

Still, the lopsided margin of voters who favor the idea should drive home how thoroughly Donald Trump has implanted himself in the minds of voters, so that even if he doesn't ultimately become the party's nominee (which, it must be said, he very well might become), his ideas will continue to shape the race.

What Republican voters like?

More broadly, Trump's two main focuses, immigrants and terrorists, have captured the minds of Republican voters. Fully 31 percent of voters rated terrorism the top issue in the race, with an additional 10 percent rating immigration as a top concern. Among both groups, Trump wins handily. The advantage is particularly stark among voters citing immigration — 51 percent of those voters pick Trump, compared with 25 percent for Cruz and 11 percent for Rubio.

Republican voters really want an outsider as their nominee

Trump is not the only candidate to play the party outsider game — and it's not an entirely new trope in Republican politics. But his strategy of broadcasting his lack of experience in public office seems to have undercut even Ted Cruz, who champions his status as the single most loathed member of the US Senate.

Source : VOX


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