Movie Review : Trumbo

Bryan Cranston’s film script is exact and precise. Jay Roach’s biopic of blacklisted 1940s screenwriter Dalton Trumbo is a dual exercise in fondness for the man and love for the industry.The film is a fascinating account of how show business works, where success ultimately subverts everything else.

Movie Review : Trumbo

IMDB:  Rating 7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes : Rating 72%
MetaCritics : Rating 60%

If there’s one subject that Hollywood finds infinitely fascinating, it’s Hollywood. In the past five years, three of the best picture Oscars have gone to films about how the industry sees itself: as a place of heroism (Argo), integrity (Birdman) and nostalgia (The Artist).

Rarely do two of these qualities have much bearing on what movies get made. But Trumbo, a biopic about Dalton Trumbo, the screenwriter shunned by the industry during the blacklist, is a rare thing: a film that calls Hollywood on its crap, while ladling on a little bit more in the form of misty-eyed romanticism.

Critics Reviews :

Peter Debruge·Variety
John McNamaras stodgy screenplay seldom inspires more than mild chuckles, passing up a rich opportunity to satirize the political hypocrisy of the paranoid times it depicts. Full review

Anthony Lane·The New Yorker
The hero’s staying power is both his greatest virtue and the film’s impediment; very little seems to change, aside from his temper and his growing intake of alcohol. Full review

Peter Travers·Rolling Stone
Cranston shows us there's nothing retro about watching Trumbo in his glory, speaking truth to power. Full review
Manohla Dargis·New York Times
Trumbo is an ill-conceived take on one of the most famous targets of the Hollywood blacklist. Full review
Tasha Robinson·A.V. Club
t times, the shifts between melodrama and heist caper recall Argo, but Trumbo’s stakes are lower, its goals are more diffuse, and its comic elements aren’t as separated. Full review

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Bryan Cranston’s film script is exact and precise
Bryan Cranston’s film script is exact and precise
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