Movie Review : DeadPool

For years, it seemed like a Deadpool movie was never going to happen. Fans of Wade Wilson’s manically goofy ultraviolence would have to content themselves with the terrible version of the character from the first Wolverine movie. But then, like a chimichanga descending from heaven, Deadpool actually made it through the Tinseltown gauntlet to the big screen. You probably won’t vomit after taking it into your body.

Movie Review : DeadPool

IMDB:  Rating 8.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes : Rating 80%
MetaCritics : Rating 64%

Deadpool Critics Reviews

Justin Chang·Variety
A scabrously funny big-screen showcase for the snarkiest of Marvels comic-book creations. Full review

Eric Eisenberg·Cinemablend
Deadpool is going to endear a whole new audience to the vivid and weird character, while once again demonstrating the tremendous opportunity for variety in the comic book movie genre. Full review
Jonathan Pile·Empire
The sheer number of dick jokes will soon numb you to their impact, but this is a fun, if patchy, alternative to the glut of ‘the world is about to end unless we do something’ comic-book films. Full review

Ethan Sacks·New York Daily News
A superhero with a perverse sense of humor is out for revenge. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll bathe in blood. Full review

“Deadpool” is the cinematic equivalent of that kid in school who would always say how much he didn’t care what people thought of him, but just loud enough so everybody could hear him. It is the teenager who pretends to be too cool to care, but wants you to like him so badly it hurts. Of course, this is partially a byproduct of being a cog in the machine of the superhero movie marketing system—you unavoidably have to hit a few of the beats of the genre in order to satisfy the audience. However, “Deadpool” fails to live up to the potential of its beloved source material, subverting its own agenda by becoming a remarkably generic, by-the-numbers man-in-tights flick. “Deadpool” is about a guy who constantly pushes back against the expectations of the superhero, but the movie about him fails to match his rebellious personality. It’s a remarkably straightforward origin flick, lacking in true satire of its genre, carried almost entirely by its lead. Deadpool is a fun character, but he’s still in search of a fun movie to match his larger-than-life personality.
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