Bernie Sanders regains access to DNC voter data

Bernie Sanders’ campaign staff regained access for the the data provided by Democratic National Committee of voters today. Earlier they were blocked from using database as allegations arisen over staffer for accessing information for the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders regains access to DNC voter data

Tonight’s democratic debate was having this main topic as sanders and Clinton’s staffers exchanged in a back and forth over what happened with the data breach.  Allegation “ When separating the firewall the campaigns from each other’s data went down briefly earlier this week.”

Statement issued by DNC as, “Based on this information, we are restoring the Sanders campaign’s access to the voter file but will continue to investigate to ensure that the data that was inappropriately accessed has been deleted and is no longer in possession of the Sanders campaign," the statement said. "The Sanders campaign has agreed to fully cooperate with the continuing DNC investigation of this breach.” 

"We are glad that all parties are moving forward," the statement continued, "and that the candidates and the party can refocus on engaging voters on the issues that matter to them: building on the President’s legacy of creating jobs, growing the economy, and a robust discussion on how we can keep Americans safe.”

Later on a spokesperson for the Sanders campaign, Michael Briggs told that staffers were able to see the files of voters on Saturday morning. 

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said in a statement: “We are pleased that the Sanders campaign has agreed to submit to an independent audit to determine the full extent of the intrusion its staff carried out earlier this week, and also to ensure that Sanders' voter file no longer contains any of the proprietary data that was taken from us. We believe this audit should proceed immediately, and, pending its findings, we expect further disciplinary action to be taken as appropriate.”

Prior to the DNC revoking the suspension, the Sanders campaign filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the DNC after it blocked the campaign's access to voter data, leaving the candidate's team "hamstrung" and losing "critical fundraising and publicity opportunities," according to legal documents.

The database includes information such as demographic and geographic data for registered voters and voter history and is vital to the Sanders campaign because it "has been financed primarily with contributions from individual donors rather than Political Action Committees," the suit says. 

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC chairwoman, said Friday she was troubled by the Sanders campaign taking advantage of the software glitch to access the Clinton campaign’s voter data. 

“It was a temporary glitch through a software patch that opened this window. The troubling thing is that one campaign took advantage of the opening of that window, and accessed the information of the other,” she said.

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