Written Highlights + Video Highlights : Golovkin vs. Lemieux fight

In the headliner of the Golovkin versus Lemieux HBO Boxing PPV, boxing's "next huge thing", GGG Gennady Golovkin, kept his undefeated streak bursting at the seams with an eighth round KO win over David Lemieux. It was another abnormal state execution from Golovkin, flaunting both his energy amusement and his specialized boxing aptitudes on the way to his 21st straight stoppage triumph.
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Written HighLights:

For more points of interest on the battle, look at these round by round live recaps of every one of the 8 rounds:

Cycle 1: GGG opens up by working behind the punch. He viably keeps Lemieux under control all through the round, not permitting the forceful force puncher to ever get inside. In the latest possible time, Golovkin begins successfully blending in a snare behind the hit, finding a couple of substantial shots. Lemieux did nothing here. 10-9 Golovkin

Cycle 2: Golovkin again opens with the poke, utilizing it to direct the reach exceptionally well. Lemieux tries hard to get inside, and succeed a couple times, yet never lands quite a bit of note once in there. In the back portion of the round, GGG surrenders the hit for a bit to concentrate on force punches, finding some enormous blows in there. Extremely prevailing round. 10-9 Golovkin

Cycle 3: Much better round for Lemieux as he pushes the pace more and discover his way past the punch. Regardless he getting hit more than he's hitting GGG, so it's not yet his round, but rather there is a guarantee here for him that we have not yet seen. 10-9 Golovkin, 30-27 Golovkin after 3

Cycle 4: Golovkin comes back to pushing forward, constraining the ordinarily forceful Lemieux on the back foot. Halfway through the round, GGG lands the best punch of the battle so far - a terrible left snare that damages Lemieux seriously. GGG jumps and keeps up the weight, however surprisingly, Lemieux figures out how to remain focused feet. Still, a predominant round.10-9 Golovkin

Cycle 5: Partway through the round, Lemieux had a minute of guarantee as he handled a hard right and appeared to discover achievement. In any case, GGG returned solid from that, getting a frightful body shot that dropped Lemieux for the first knockdown of the battle. 10-8 Golovkin

Cycle 6: Best round for Lemieux in this way, as he turns out to be progressively eager to pull out all the stops and get a touch wild if necessary. Which is practically his just shot at winning this. GGG is a touch slower this round, permitting Lemieux to land an OK number of shots. It might be a leniency score, however I thought Lemieux landed all the more spotless, viable shots here. 10-9 Lemieux, 59-54 Golovkin after 6

Cycle 7: Lemieux figures out how to land a couple of here, however there are a considerable measure of overwhelming shots GGG is uniting with, inciting our first arbitrator requested specialist check, and a nearby look from the ref in the last moment. He's plainly getting uncomfortable - Lemieux's window is shutting before the official stops things. 10-9 Golovkin

Cycle 8: The attack proceeds, with Golovkin harming Lemieux all through. He begins working the body, driving Lemieux to bumble back in torment, and, of course, the arbitrator waves it off for the cycle 8 KO.

Video HighLights:

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