Why a billion people just watched a doctor poke a famous Chinese actress in the face

It was arguably the biggest audition of Angelababy's life. 

 Why a billion people just watched a doctor poke a famous Chinese actress in the face
Outside, a swarm of autograph-seekers and paparazzi crowded the Beijing street, straining to catch a glimpse of the Chinese actress and supermodel. 

Inside, the climate was significantly tenser. Bunches of cash, possibly Angelababy's vocation, was at stake. With the cameras moving, Angelababy sat down and sat tight for bearings.

That is the point at which the specialist started to jab her in the face.

The strange scene wasn't a piece of a Chinese cleanser musical show or film. It was genuine living, albeit marginally. Angelababy wasn't performing for an executive, yet rather for a plastic specialist. Also, the tests she experienced had nothing to do with her acting capacity.

Rather, it was about her looks.

Angelababy, whose genuine name is Yeung Wing, arrived Thursday at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences with something to demonstrate: that she had never had plastic surgery.

What resulted was a strange and ruthlessly open physical examination. Angelababy experienced a battery of tests, including X-beams and even a plastic specialist jabbing around within her mouth.

At the same time, photos of the exam were posted on state TV and Weibo, China's fiercely prominent Twitter-like microblogging website.

"Angelababy's restorative results declared," ran features the nation over.

The story behind Angelababy's interesting exam goes back to 2012, when Beijing excellence center Ruili asserted that she had plastic surgery.

"Angelababy's plastic surgery fizzles, netizens say her button is greatly unnatural," ran the feature of an article posted on the center's Web webpage, as indicated by Shanghaiist.

The performing artist denied the report and sued the facility for 500,000 yuan, or generally $79,000, in remuneration, as per the BBC.

For a long time, the case has backpedaled and forward in court. This May, a judge ruled to support her however the facility bid.

At long last, a Beijing judge recommended that the question be settled for the last time by Angelababy having her face inspected by therapeutic experts "to confirm its realness," the BBC reported.

Thus it was that the 26-year-old performer touched base to a Beijing plastic surgery facility on Thursday - not to complete work, yet rather to demonstrate that she had gotten none.

As per Chinese media, an eminent plastic specialist named Qi Zuoliang performed the exam before her legal advisor, two legal officials open and a large group of correspondents.

"Amid his examination, Qi noticed that there no cut blemishes on her eyelids, around her eyes or around her mouth," Shanghaiist reported.

"Angelababy did not wear cosmetics and was proactive amid the examination," as per another design blog, AsiaOne. "She requested that the specialist check her temple, nose, button, cheekbones and apple cheeks, and said to correspondents who were available: 'Fast, assist me with speculation where else.'"

Qi's decision: Angelababy was normally heavenly.

"Child's whole head and facial bones don't have any indications of entry points," he told journalists, as per the BBC.

The specialist's determination supports Angelababy's contention that Ruili's article was defamatory. It likewise goes some approach to dispersing a tenacious gossip that has since quite a while ago resolute the performing artist for a considerable length of time, with nearly investigated photographs professedly demonstrating a vastly different looking Angelababy circling on online networking for a considerable length of time, agreeing the BBC.

As far as concerns her, the model turned performing artist has constantly said that her looks are because of a German granddad, cosmetics and dental act as a high schooler.

Regardless of the fact that Angelababy wins in court, notwithstanding, it may turn out to be a Pyrrhic triumph for Chinese performing artists, models and, all the more comprehensively, ladies.

While the case could prevent commentators from making doubtful open attestations about big names' appearances, it has likewise fortified China's fixation on plastic surgery in the quest for physical flawlessness.

China positioned behind just the United States and Brazil as far as aggregate plastic surgery systems performed in 2013, as indicated by industry authorities and Chinese media.

For Angelababy, the court case has subjected her looks as well as her adoration life to remarkable investigation.

A week ago, the performing artist wedded on-screen character Huang Xiaoming in a spectacular big name wedding. The features, in any case, immediately swung to Huang's remarks from a year ago with respect to his wife's appearance.

"Huang has already guarded the performing artist," the BBC reported.

His remarks, then again, weren't precisely strong.

"Really she in some cases looks very monstrous to me," he said. "I'm not a blockhead, I unquestionably can tell she hasn't had plastic surgery, now and then she doesn't put on make up and she truly resembles those revolting photos of her."

In the interim, even after Angelababy breezed through her open plastic surgery exam without a hitch, numerous individuals on Weibo essentially declined to trust the outcomes. Some proposed the excellence trick experienced the same issue as Chinese business and legislative issues.

"Presently attempt an alternate specialist without giving him hongbao," one analyst composed, utilizing the Chinese word for an envelope loaded down with money.
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