What's trending in the NFL: When will Browns have had enough of Johnny Manziel?

What's trending in the NFL: Johnny Manziel in the news -- again


"It probably looked more interesting than it was."

These are the words Johnny Manziel used to explain his latest incident that, according to a police report, involved an argument with his girlfriend, passing another car on an interstate while driving on the shoulder at a high rate of speed, driving across several lanes to exit the interstate at the same high speed and pushing his girlfriend's face into the car window while he drove as the two argued.

Manziel and Colleen Crowley pulled over in Avon, Ohio, and were addressed by police after 911 calls were set about their conduct.

The actualities, as introduced in the police report, of what happened Monday are worrisome. Plain and straightforward.

The attention will be on Manziel's confirmation of drinking, on the grounds that he burned through 10 weeks in a treatment office in the offseason. Be that as it may, he never has said why he intentionally went to the Caron Treatment Center, nor has he nitty gritty his aftercare and whether he has been guided not to drink.

Police decided Manziel was not inebriated. He and Crowley were permitted to leave together. Be that as it may, the way he drove put himself, Crowley and any other person on that interstate at genuine danger.

Inquiries most likely will take after, yet there is one key inquiry for the Cleveland Browns: When will they have had enough?

The Browns have decided to not criticize Manziel freely, but rather to manage him secretly. That can be scrutinized; "empowering" rings a bell, however we likewise don't recognize what the group is doing secretly. The aggregate bartering understanding additionally restrains what the group can do.

Manziel could be made inert Sunday, yet when Justin Gilbert was included in an affirmed street rage occurrence that had a few individuals calling 911 reporting Gilbert and another auto were hustling down an alternate interstate, the Browns took care of it inside.

Manziel was not charged, captured or even tried for liquor.

Since the day Manziel was drafted, he has had his offer of off-field diversions. He apparently had put those diversions on the rack this season after his recovery stretch.

In any case, his new kid on the block year inconveniences incorporated the moved up bill in the lavatory and the skimming swan and afterward security rousting him from bed the morning before the season finale on the grounds that he was dozing in the wake of being out late the prior night.

Manziel said he resembled an "ass" for those late-season activities, then said his future activities needed to talk louder than his words.

Presently we have this: Allegedly contending with his sweetheart and imperiling the lives of others, then tweeting that "it looked more fascinating than it was."

This most recent episode by no means, decreases the endeavors Manziel made in treatment, or the appreciation he merits for going. In any case, what happened Monday raise concerns, once more, about his decisions.

To say it looked more fascinating than it was?

For a gentleman attempting to get and keep his life together, it's a warning, brilliant and persevering as the lights on top of the squad cars that pulled up to Manziel on Monday evening.
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