The Benghazi controversy, explained by 7 numbers

The U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is seen in flames during a protest and subsequent attack  Sept. 11, 2012. Partly burned and still abandoned, the high-walled villas that once housed the U.S. consulate compound in the Libyan city of Benghazi now sit on a frontline of a nation at war with itself. (Esam Al-Fetori/Reuters)

The Benghazi controversy, explained by 7 numbers
The Benghazi controversy, explained by 7 numbers

On Sept. 11, 2012, the U.S. diplomatic compound and annex in Benghazi, Libya, came under attack. When it was over, four Americans were dead and U.S. officials were forced to evacuate.

In the years since, a great deal has happened, including a progression of congressional hearings and investigation into occasions in Benghazi. On Thursday, a House select board will gather yet another.

Hillary Clinton, obviously, served as secretary of state at the season of the assaults. Presently the Democratic leader in the 2016 presidential race, Clinton has been summoned to offer what appears to be a few hours of confirmation about the occasion, what organization authorities knew, when, and what they did about it.

The Fix pulled together this brisk outline of the Benghazi assaults and resulting debate to invigorate your memory and convey you state-of-the-art.

2 (or more): Obama organization renditions of unequivocally what happened in Benghazi.

The organization at first guaranteed that a video posted on YouTube investigating and some say maligning Islam started impromptu road challenges and that those dissents mushroomed into savage assaults.

This was the substance of the clarification offered at this point National Security Adviser Susan Rice and other organization authorities instantly after the assaults. Far from Capitol Hill, organization authorities had started to paint a less-certain photo. As ahead of schedule as Sept. 12, President Obama settled on what appeared like particular dialect, depicting the assault as "a demonstration of dread" did by individuals from "fanatic" gatherings. Also, on Sept. 19, Matt Olsen, executive of the National Counterterrorism Center, told a Senate subcommittee that Americans were murdered in Benghazi amid a "terrorist assault," yet said there was not strong proof that the assault had been arranged. At that point Clinton utilized the expression "terrorist assault" after two days.

In April 2014, a previous CIA authority told the House Intelligence board of trustees that terrorists with al-Qaeda associations were included in the assaults yet they had not likely been pre-arranged. He likewise said that the CIA was mindful of al-Qaeda's association before Rice affirmed before Congress.

Republicans have contended that the organization tried to deceive the American open in the keep running up to the November 2012 decision.

2: Days before the fatal assaults that eastern Libyan volunteer army pioneers met with U.S. authorities and cautioned of what might later be depicted in a strategic link as "rising security dangers against Americans," the New York Times reported in December 2013. The Libyans told U.S. authorities that it is best to leave Benghazi as quickly as time permits additionally shared their profound enthusiasm for American business interest in the nation. In addition to other things, they needed a McDonalds and a KFC. The meeting happened Sept. 9, 2012. The assaults took after on Sept. 12, 2012.

4: Americans were slaughtered amid the assaults. They included U.S. Represetative Chris Stevens, U.S. Remote Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith and two CIA agents. Stevens' passing denoted the first occasion when that an American envoy was executed in the line of obligation since 1979.

Four months after the Benghazi assaults, in January 2013, Clinton was summoned to affirm before a Senate board examining the assaults. Amid that confirmation, Clinton was gotten some information about the reasons for the assaults. She now scandalously reacted: "Was it due to a dissent or was it due to folks out for a walk one night and chose they'd go murder some Americans?" Clinton said. "What improvement, as of right now, does it make?"

That last expression turned into a frequently telecast soundbite and the subject of far reaching critique. It is likewise the premise of a significant part of the normal dramatization at Wednesday's House board of trustees hearing.

More than two dozen: Americans emptied from Benghazi after the ambush on the American mission and a close-by addition. That gathering incorporated a few CIA officers and temporary workers in the nation gathering data about the different local army gatherings working in the territory. Americans lost their lives in the assault and the nation lost what may have been a profitable knowledge gathering opportunity.

No less than 10: Different offices, Senate and House boards of trustees that have opened asks in the Benghazi assault. They incorporate the State Department, FBI, a select Senate advisory group on knowledge and a standing House board of trustees on insight. Today's listening ability will happen before yet another gathering, a House select board concentrated on Benghazi.

That examination check and remarks made a month ago by Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) have brought up issues about the genuine objectives of Wednesday's listening ability.

33: Months after the Sept. 11, 2012, assaults in Benghazi that military commandos and law implementation authorities captured Ahmed Abu Khattala, a Libyan Islamic radical distinguished by a few witnesses as one of the occasion's instigators. Khattala had lived straightforwardly with his mom in Benghazi and gave numerous meetings to writers about the assaults and his religious government objectives for Libya in the years between the assaults and his capture. Confusion and local army control of the city were said to make his capture troublesome.

12: The quantity of individuals from the House select advisory group that will address Clinton before what will in all likelihood be a substantial number of columnists live-blogging, reporting about and recording the day's occasions.
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