Sound Bite: Salma Hayek at Stella McCartney

In pride of spot at the Stella McCartney show Monday morning, settled between the picture taker Mario Testino and her spouse, the Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault, sat a radiating Salma Hayek.

The Mexican performing artist, who brought selfies aplenty with the two men before the crystal fixtures diminished at the Palais Garnier in Paris, was loaded with recognition at the finale.

"Stella demonstrates that supportability can be excellent and fun, and that is intense. I simply adore her — and my god, did I cherish those shoes!" Ms. Hayek said, hacking once in a while behind dull glasses and a mass of raven hair. She clarified that she was fighting off a frosty.

"I additionally surmise that the models at Stella are shocking. She figures out how to get all the prettiest young ladies of the season in one space to stroll at her appear."

In the wake of ceasing to kiss Carine Roitfeld — and to tell the French style proofreader that she tailed her on Instagram — Ms. Hayek clarified the mystery of a continuing fellowship with Ms. McCartney: "You know, I think we get on fantastically well on the grounds that we are both Virgos. We are fussbudgets."

"We can go for beverages together and work out, yet to me she's additionally a motivation," she said. "She's a mother and a craftsman and a specialist and a companion and a good example. I think you ought to dependably have companions who motivate you. Furthermore, to me, she is except
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