Sanders Exaggerates Youth Unemployment: First Democratic presidential debate

As he has done many times before, Sanders overstated the unemployment rate for black and Hispanic youths.

Sanders: African American youth unemployment is 51 percent. Hispanic youth unemployment is 36%. It seems to me that instead of building more jails and providing more incarceration, maybe — just maybe — we should be putting money into education and jobs for our kids.
 We have expounded on this once some time recently. Sanders gets his figures from a June report by the left-inclining Economic Policy Institute. Be that as it may, the report unmistakably names those figures as the rate of underemployment, not unemployment.

The report said "51.3 percent of youthful dark secondary school graduates are underemployed, contrasted and 36.1 percent of youthful Hispanic secondary school graduates and 33.8 percent of white secondary school graduates." That was the normal for a 12-month period, finishing in March.

EPI says it landed at those numbers by utilizing the Bureau of Labor Statistics' broadest measure of underemployment, known as the U-6, for secondary school graduates ages 17 to 20 who are not enlisted in further educating. The U-6 incorporates those authoritatively considered unemployed, as well as disheartened specialists, those hardly appended to the work market and low maintenance laborers who need to be working more.

BLS does not distribute information for the 17-to-20 age bunch, so we couldn't check EPI's report. It does, then again, give information to secondary school graduates ages 16 to 24 years of age who are not enlisted in further educating. In September, the unemployment rate for this age gathering was 24% for African Americans, 11.6% for Hispanics and 10.7% for whites.
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