Road Test: Mercedes GLE 250d boxes clever

New GLE offers two options – a boxy SUV version and a less attractive sporty coupe 

Road Test: Mercedes GLE 250d boxes clever

Make: Mercedes-Benz

Model: GLE
Year: 2015
Fuel: Diesel
Date Reviewed: October 14, 2015

Mercedes-Benz is primed for its latest major product assault for 2016 as it continues to work towards the target of becoming the best-selling premium brand by 2020.

There are some genuine shockers in transit, from the flawless new C-Class roadster to an energizing new CLS. Yet it will be a daunting task: BMW and Audi don't look prepared to yield any ground.

Mercedes is trailing its two German premium adversaries in Ireland by some edge. Deals figures during the current year demonstrate the three-pointed star brand at 2,551 new enrollments, contrasted with 5,025 for Audi and 4,502 for BMW. There should be a noteworthy movement to push Mercedes to the top.

A great part of the hard work will must be finished by the littler models, getting standard bums onto Mercedes cowhide seats. So far the auto firm has gained enduring ground in such manner, especially amidst recessionary agony. Dispatching new models when the nation can scarcely keep its autos out and about is a mammoth undertaking. What's more, it hasn't been simple for Mercedes, where the buyer recognition stays of a brand of extravagance S-Class cantinas and not reasonable family hatchbacks.

That discernment is not unjustifiable. Where Mercedes is most grounded is without a doubt at the extremely top of the premium heap. While its supervisors still guarantee to convey extravagance to the masses with reasonable hatchbacks and littler diesels, reality once in a while satisfies the guarantee. The S-Class may convey the same identification as the B-Class, however it's still a world separated. On a positive note, the S-Class is additionally well in front of its opponents, the benchmark in extravagance against which adversaries keep on being judged – and keep on missing the mark.

The issue for Mercedes is that while it whips its opponents at the top end and stands its ground in the pivotal mid-range cantina sections with the E-Class and the noteworthy C-Class, it battles to match rivals at the passage levels, where hatchbacks rule. More honed styling on the new A-Class and CLA helps, yet regardless it needs to return to models, for example, the B-Class and GLA, which can possibly be center entertainers in a recuperating Irish market if the formula was correct.

Section level

In the midst of endeavors to bait section level premium purchasers to the brand, the firm is additionally center

ing on the recuperating SUV market.

The new GLE auto comes in two appearances: one a conventional square-box SUV with a lot of inside space and rough looks; the other a Dr Doolittle pushmi-pullyu GLE car with desire to be both a games roadster and a SUV however accomplishing neither objective.

The uplifting news is that in the wake of having driven both, the normal GLE left me as positive as the car departed me irritated.

The expansive SUV look rather square shaped, yet it conveys what you require from a premium SUV, especially as far as solace and wrap up. Doubtlessly numerous will just consider it an overhauled M-Class and maybe they are right, for the look is on a standard with the leader SUV. New lights, another grille and a couple of guard changes are the real changes, however the inside has been fundamentally modified, something that stands the GLE in great stead when up against an abundance of innovative adversaries.

Under the hood there's likewise a noteworthy change. During a period when there's recharged concentrate on diesel emanations, the GLE 250d brags an official CO2 figure of only 149g/km, altogether down on its four-barrel antecedent.

That implies noteworthy duty reserve funds on the dispatch cost and the yearly paper circle for the windscreen.

A further change is the new nine-speed programmed transmission, which Mercedes is taking off over its upper extent. In spite of the 2.2lt diesel as yet being so centered around economy to the point where you effectively search out the begin stop framework each time you get in, the transmission makes a greater amount of the motor than it apparently merits.

Out and about the GLE is agreeable, as opposed to energetic. The ride and taking care of is centered around solace as opposed to spryness. In the event that that is the thing that you are searching for, then maybe your attention ought to fall on the new Audi Q7 rather, or maybe the BMW X5.


On the other hand on the off chance that you are searching for solace, the new Volvo XC90 may entice you to its extent, especially on the off chance that you have an inclination for the most recent touchscreen tech. And afterward there are the Range Rover varieties, with the Sport a feasible challenger for purchasers.

Saying this doesn't imply that the GLE isn't a commendable opponent to this part: it's simply important that in its endeavors to bait the resurgent Irish all around heeled driver, Mercedes is surely not going to have a simple ride. At €71,750 for the GLE 250d, the huge SUV is moderately very much valued , and standard components will shock numerous who still review a period when you expected to tick a ton of boxes on the choices rundown to get a commendable level of hardware for your Merc.

It confronts firm rivalry. It is preferred looking over the Audi, yet not as striking as the Volvo, nor does it sufficiently offer tech charm. The Audi is, to be honest, a superior drive, and more refined inside, if ailing in outline.

The GLE isn't going to convey Mercedes to the overwhelming statures of premium deals matchless quality, however it's another bolt in its business shudder. What it needs is some hot new passage models: and seemingly the new C-Class roadster, the fair sized GLC and the truth it now offers contract buy account as a feature of the bundle, could give the support it needs.

It's a yearning plan to be the top brand in the premium business sector by 2020. Let the fight initi

The lowdown: Mercedes GLE 250d
2143cc 204bhp diesel
0-100km/h: 8.6 seconds
Top speed: 212 km/h
L/100km (mpg): 5.9 l/100km (47.9)
Specification: Active parking assist; audio and sat-nav; heated front seats; full leather. Optional features include ambient lights; reversing camera.
Price: 84868 USD 

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