New 'Twilight' novel swaps Edward and Bella's genders

It's a decent day to be a Twilight fan.

New 'Twilight' novel swaps Edward and Bella's genders

Stephenie Meyer, writer of the four books in the first Twilight arrangement, reported Tuesday on Good Morning America that she has penned another form of the story, with a slight turn - Edward and Bella are currently Edythe and Beau.

Believe it or not, in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, which is accessible today as reward material in the tenth commemoration release of Twilight, the sexual orientation of the two fundamental characters (played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the film adjustments) has been swapped, and the book turns into the narrative of a female vampire and the human adolescent kid she experiences passionate feelings for.

Why the swap? "I needed to accomplish something a good time for the tenth commemoration," Meyer said on GMA. She likewise said that she was irritated by perusers who said Bella appears like a maiden in trouble.

"A question that had come up at a great deal of signings and different things spoke the truth Bella being a maiden in trouble. What's more, it's generally annoyed me a tad bit, in light of the fact that anybody encompassed by superheroes will be in a touch of trouble," she said. "Thus I thought in the event that I exchanged it around a tiny bit to perceive how a kid does, and you know, it's about the same."

What changes when the sexes change? Not all that much. "The further you get in the more it changes in light of the fact that the identities get distinctive," Meyer clarified. "It's only an affection story, it doesn't make a difference who's the kid and who's the young lady."

"It's truly all that much the same thing. My trust is that perhaps the more youthful perusers may be presented," the creator kept, taking note of that her unique fans are 10 years more established at this point.

Will we see another book arrangement out of this? A film perhaps? Not likely, said Meyers. "This is only one rendition of Beau," she said when requested that in regards further books. What's more, to the extent another film goes, "I don't generally see that event."

The tenth commemoration release of Twilight containing Life and Death is accessible today online and in book shops around the nation. The title page includes the customary Twilight picture that fans know and love, however the Life and Death spread on the back swaps Twilight's notorious red apple for a green one.

Fans may be disillusioned that the arrival of another Twilight novel was not Midnight Sun, which recounts the story from Edward's point of view. That composition has been racked for a considerable length of time after it was spilled.
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