Matt Barnes Terrorizes Ex, Amusing Sportswriters

This past Saturday, Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes allegedly drove almost a hundred miles from Santa Barbara to the Los Angeles home of his offended wife Gloria Govan—whom he was captured on suspicion of manhandling in 2010—to hassle and physically assault New York Knicks mentor Derek Fisher for being there. There's not so much about this that makes you need to dismiss your head, however it would appear that many individuals are overseeing.
Matt Barnes Terrorizes Ex, Amusing Sportswriters

Our games society is really dim witted. Not exactly 19 months after Ray Rice thumped his life partner oblivious in an Atlantic City gambling club lift and brought forth a million sincere thinkpieces about America's despicably late-unfolding familiarity with abusive behavior at home and misogyny in games, an ace competitor enters the lady's home he's been blamed for mishandling to assault her present sweetheart for damaging his regional rights, and, well.

Here's ESPN essayist/USC subordinate Arash Markazi:

No doubt, attacking the lady's home on whose body he once left "unmistakable wounds" to assault another man for dating her is practically as wacky as the time he lied about dating Rihanna! What a knucklehead. SMH.

Here's Grantland's Jason Concepcion, a fun and astute author we all like all that much:

"TFW a genuine live lady's unhinged stalker ex trusts' despite everything he qualified for aggregate control of her private life over a year after their partition and will storm into her home uninvited to uphold it." Which Game of Thrones character is most like Matt Barnes, do you think?

Here's BuzzFeed's games journalist, Lindsey Adler:

Derek Fisher ought to have known not to tread on another man's turf; dating a lady with whom you share a fascination is an awful move in light of the fact that her ex may dislike; missing an inane practice in the fallout of being stood up to in your better half's home by her angered, entitled stalker ex is amateurish. These are takes that standard sportswriters—great sportswriters, keen ones—are putting out there in the Year of Our Lord 2015. Every one of them are established in the thought that Gloria Govan is somehow still Matt Barnes' area, that Derek Fisher was rupturing convention by not considering Matt Barnes' regional rights. This is fucking unhinged.

Here are some plain and evident truths. Derek Fisher did not do anything incorrectly by dating Gloria Govan, a developed lady who all in all needed to date him and happens not to have in fact removed herself from an awful marriage that practically finished over a year back. Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes are not sentimental opponents. Passing by the reports, the animosity was not shared; Derek Fisher went to his sweetheart's home with the end goal of a serene party, Matt Barnes attacked the home of his ex with the end goal of doing damage. Neither Gloria Govan's nor Derek Fisher's sentimental lives are any of Matt Barnes' damn business. Matt Barnes gives off an impression of being a fucking psycho. Sportswriters are lost on the greater part of this poo.

At the point when a charged residential abuser appears uninvited at a family gathering to—as a source put it to the New York Post—"beat the poop" out of somebody for the offense of dating his ex, that is not a wacky character up to wacky shenanigans. It is not unscripted television drama or a toon or big names being senseless. It is the conduct of an unsafe misanthrope crazy person. It is a demonstration of fierce animosity. It is a man strongly affirming individual property rights over a lady's home, body, and life. It contrasts from what Ray Rice did in that lift by degree, not by kind, and not by all that much. It is not fucking
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