Katina Powell's daughters claim having sex with UofL players

On Tuesday, we heard from Katina Powell and her daughters for the first time about "Breaking Cardinal Rules."

Katina Powell's daughters claim having sex with UofL players

Powell said it is highly unlikely she could make up the subtle elements in the book. In any case, in a meeting that circulated on ESPN she needed to answer intense inquiries, including on the off chance that she let her three girls strip and have intercourse with enlisted people when they were underage.

"That is not genuine. That is not genuine. Everybody that I managed was developed and had the capacity settle on their own choices about what to do," Powell said.

An insubordinate Powell denies allegations her little girls or any of the other two dozen artists she claims to have supplied for U of L b-ball volunteers were underage. Rather, Powell said, from 2010 to 2014, the ladies agreed to strip and at times give "side arrangements" for players and volunteers.

"Side arrangements were sex and in the event that they needed to profit, that is the thing that the side arrangement was," Powell said.

Two of Powell's little girls are standing up.

Lindsay Powell, 24, confesses to engaging in sexual relations with previous Louisville star Russ Smith in the wake of being asked.

"My mother came and asked me and I was similar to, OK, and we went in another room and we engaged in sexual relations," Lindsay Powell said.

Her sister, 22-year-old Rod-Ni Powell, claims she was paid for sex with another Louisville Cardinal turned NBA player.

"Montrezl Harrell arrived and I don't have a clue, he quite recently, I figure, he simply forgot so he only sort of inquired as to whether, you know, I would do it and I did it. I got paid like a hundred, possibly somewhat more," Rod-Ni Powell said.

Katina Powell said she did what she did as a method for assisting with the college's selecting procedure. When, she said, previous Director of Basketball Operations Andre McGee organized.

"He would begin the music and typically the young ladies would turn out one by one," Powell said.

WLKY connected with the University of Louisville and Coach Pitino on Tuesday yet we were told they won't remark until the survey procedure is finished.
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