Jimmy Kimmel to Audience: Donald Trump Gave "Cryptic" Reason for Canceling Appearance

"Why did he cancel? We told him there were cameras here, right?" 

"Why did he cancel? We told him there were cameras here, right?"

The presidential candidate was scheduled to be a guest on the episode, but Kimmel explained to his audience during the monologue that Trump's team contacted the show on Monday night to back out.

Today is 21 October 2015 the day Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and McFly (Michael J. Fox) made a trip to the future in Back to The Future II.

In their most recent video the Fine Brothers gathered together some millennials and demonstrated to them the trailer of the spin-off.

While the vast majority of them weren't conceived yet when the motion picture was discharged they are acquainted with the blockbuster set of three of yesteryear.

Also, their response when they understand that the film's "future" really happens today is simply inestimable!

"Be that as it may, don't stress," Kimmel educated his studio group of onlookers. "This evening, we're going to give everybody in the group of onlookers a b-ball dunked in cologne, so you can completely encounter what it would have been similar to had Donald Trump been here."

Kimmel referenced Trump's past remarks about Mexican outsiders by indicating out that his nonattendance implied the show didn't need "assemble a divider around Guillermo today evening time." Guillermo is the show's Hispanic security watchman and co-star.

We will incorporate video when it is accessible.


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