First Democratic presidential debate: O'Malley's Mangled Wage Statistic — Again

O'Malley repeated a dubious talking point that we've criticized before:


O'Malley: Our middle class is shrinking. Our poor families are becoming poorer, and 70 percent of us are earning the same, or less than we were 12 years ago.

As we reported in June, O'Malley is refering to obsolete assumes that don't mirror a spike in genuine wages and income that has occurred over the previous year or something like that. He constructs the case in light of a study by the liberal Economic Policy Institute that was present just through 2014.

Utilizing the most current figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "genuine" (expansion balanced) normal week by week income of general population, non-supervisory specialists were 2.2% higher in August than they were a year before, and 5.8% higher than they were in August 2003 — the 12-year period O'Malley determine
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