Chafee and Rhode Island Unemployment : First Democratic presidential debate

In his introductory remarks, Chafee claimed that Rhode Island had a larger drop in the unemployment rate than every state but Nevada while he was governor. That's not correct for his total time in office.

Chafee: As governor, I came in at the depths of the recession and we turned my state around. Rhode Island had the biggest drop of the unemployment rate over my four budgets of all but one state. It happens to be Nevada, where we're having this debate.

We reached a representative for Chafee's crusade to get a precise time allotment for his case, however we didn't hear back.

Rhode Island's unemployment rate was 11.2% in January 2011 when Chafee came into office, and it was 6.5% in January 2015 when he cleared out office. That is a decay of 4.7 rate focuses and, maybe more critical, a rate reduction of 42%.

Nevada's unemployment rate dropped 6.5 rate focuses over that time period. In any case, California, North Carolina and Florida, with decays of 5 rate focuses, 4.9 rate focuses and 4.8 rate focuses, separately, additionally had bigger decreases than Rhode Island. So four states, not one, had bigger drops construct exclusively in light of rate focuses.

Moreover, when taking a gander at the rate decay, which may be a superior method for looking at decreases between states, 10 states, including Nevada, had a bigger rate diminish in the unemployment rate, and two states had a rate diminish generally the same as Rhode Island's. 
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