Can Anyone Stop Donald Trump?

Bubbles of Donald Trump is not showing any kind of signs of bursting being just three and half weeks to go till Iowa cancus. In the Lowell, Massachusetts more than 8000 people turned up to see him across the border from New Hampshire earlier this week. The First poll of the new year from New Hampshire showing his lead in GOP field.

Can Anyone Stop Donald Trump?
Donald Trump is still the front-runner for the Republican Presidential nomination. Or is he?
Donald trump has maintained sizable lead over the rest of Republican field in the First poll of the New Year. Trump has 35% support whereas Ted cruz has 18% and Marco Rubio has 13% according from the latest NBC News/Survey Monkey Weekly Election Tracking poll of the week.

While all GOP presidential hopefuls have been touting their conservative credentials, Trump also seemed to have the edge among "very conservative" voters, 35 percent of whom said they back the former "Apprentice" star, The Hill noted. Among that group, 30 percent favored Cruz and only 8 percent supported Rubio, the political publication added.

Summing it up it is all still to play for. The debate will take place in South Carolina on 14th January next and at Iowa after two weeks just before the Cancus takes place. In between now and then a lot more polling data is going to be published too which will be updated.

In short, it is all still to play for. The next televised debate will take place in South Carolina, on January 14th, and there will be another one, in Iowa, two weeks later, just four days before the caucus takes place. Between now and then, a lot more polling data will be published, too. I’ll try to keep you updated.
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