Protesters Repeatedly interrupted Trump's Rally

Protesters interrupted Donald Trump's North Carolina rally at least 10 separate times Friday night in the most staged, disruptive protest of the mogul's presidential campaign to date.

Protesters Repeatedly interrupted Trump's Rally

The protests began about five minutes into the speech and continued until his closing lines nearly 45 minutes later, as different individuals and groups -- strategically placed in different locations all around the more than 7,000-person capacity auditorium -- caused disturbances with signs and chants.

Signs calling “Stop the Hate, We Make America Great”
Security and authorities quickly removed the protesters each time, with growing booing by the crowd Trump was clearly getting more and more frustrated.
After the First one he said “The dishonest media ... will make that one person into the headline”
Trump has faced protests throughout his campaign, mainly aimed at his rhetoric about immigrants and foreigners, including from Black Lives Matter, but thus far the protests at each event have only caused one or two disturbances.
On Friday night Trump continued his recent effort to urge care with protesters after an Alabama rally last month in which a Black Lives Matter protester was roughed up by the crowd.
Trump said after the first interruption, "Make sure that young lady is in beautiful shape"  But by the later interruptions, he urged security to deal with the individuals more quickly. “Why don't you take them out the nearest door instead of walking them through the whole place?” he said after the eighth incident.

He also blamed the frustration the Black Lives Matter protesters feel on President Barack Obama, saying instead of a "cheerleader" Obama has been a "great divider."

The GOP front-runner also said he thought he could convince the protesters to join his cause.
"If I could speak to these four people, I'd say, 'Look, you may be a Democrat, you may be a liberal, who cares, we're going to make our country strong, we're going to make it good," Trump said. "I really think I could talk sense into them. But remember there's only four people."

Yet after each interruption the Mogul persistently continued with his speech, but the rally was shortened of his usual length. As well in this event the question scenario from the audience began much earlier than typical.

About 25 protesters were removed by the authority accordingly the Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison. The capacity crowd numbered about 7800 said Capt. Brian, Western Wake Fire Rescue.
Most of the time protestors were removed peacefully yet in couple of occasions apparent veterans wearing fatigues were observed forcefully manhandling in attempt of removing them until the authorities took over.

No arrests were made, according to Harrison.
 "To my knowledge, we didn't arrest anybody, we just escorted them out," he said, adding the only goal was to "keep it peaceful."

Moreover oneself identified protesters tweeted about being removed violently.

Whereas he was being rude and was throwing punches accordingly one reply,
Hence we can say that the Presidential campaign is now reached at a modern tech social media war.

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