Donald Trump: Obama climate change remarks one of ‘dumbest things’ uttered in history

WASHINGTON  – Donald Trump said Monday that President Barack Obama’s comments that climate change poses one of the greatest threats to the U.S. is one of the “dumbest things” ever said.

Donald Trump: Obama climate change remarks one of ‘dumbest things’ uttered in history
The GOP presidential leader made the remarks while the President tended to a worldwide summit of pioneers on environmental change in Paris on Monday morning.

Trump was reprimanding Obama for his past comments that worldwide environmental change is one of the best dangers confronting the United States and the world.

"I think one about the stupidest articulations I've ever heard in governmental issues — in the historical backdrop of legislative issues as I probably am aware it, which is really great, was Obama's announcement that our No. 1 issue is a dangerous atmospheric devation," Trump said Monday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

The head honcho refered to the danger of dread and assaults on the U.S. as all the more concerning.

"I believe it's one of the stupidest things I've ever seen, or maybe most gullible," Trump said. "He really is to some degree gullible, on the off chance that you need to know reality, past the awkward part."

At almost the same time Monday, Obama was advising world pioneers that meeting to achieve a worldwide arrangement on battling environmental change would be valuable to the battle against terrorism.

"What more prominent dismissal of the individuals who might tear down our reality than marshaling our earnest attempts to spare it," Obama said at the COP21 gathering, being held in the French capital weeks after a ridiculous terrorist assault there.

Obama's secretary of state, John Kerry, who has driven the charge both on tending to the common war and unsteadiness in Syria and on environmental change, has said that the compelling dry season in the war-torn nation was a contributing element to the strife there, which has sustained terrorist gatherings including ISIS. He was clear, however, that it was not by any means the only aim of the war.

The President repeated that thought Monday, telling world pioneers his visit this year to Alaska demonstrated to him a dangerous atmospheric devation close up.

"It was a sneak peak of one conceivable future — a look of our kids' destiny if the atmosphere continues changing speedier than our endeavors to address it," he said. "Submerged nations. Surrendered urban areas. Fields that no more develop. Political disturbances that trigger new clash, and much more surges of edgy people groups looking for the haven of countries not their own."

Trump said the organization is confused.

"For (Obama) to say that that is more imperative than halting nations like, incidentally, North Korea, which is never at any point specified," Trump said, refering to their atomic arms stockpile.

Gotten some information about his own atmosphere arrangement, Trump said his structures have won ecological grants, yet his strategy adds up to: "I need to ensure we have clean air and clean water."

He additionally said the U.S. can just do as such much when different nations are monstrous polluters.

"Different nations like China, Vietnam and numerous others are not carrying on," Trump s
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