Could Donald Trump win the GOP nomination?

Donald Trump should be a presidential by now as by the conventional political wisdom.
Yet after the two weeks of the last Republican Debate as well as before 2 months of votes to be cast in primary season the high spirited Presidential campaign of Trump is thriving somehow.

Could Donald Trump win the GOP nomination?
Fall of ordinary candidates because of controversies and atrocities has left Trump without scratch. In fact, the Republican front-runner seems to be deliberately stoking the outrage among his supporters that sustains his campaign — whether it's by embracing unsubstantiated claims that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheered the fiery collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, or by advancing his disputed charge that the Obama administration wants to ship 200,000 Syrian refugees to the United States who could include terrorists. 

Because of Political anger, anti-establishment wave elevated the newcomers like Trump politically and left the conventional candidates like Bush and Kasich. And, in the absence of a unified GOP establishment opposition, the fractured, bloated GOP field gives Trump a real chance of capturing early voting contests that are the gateway to a sustained bid for the nomination

“Surprise People”

A veteran Republican political consultant Bill Miller from Texas said, "I think he is going to continue to surprise people, The question about Trump is: Can he go the distance? We will see. But I would not sell him short," who believes the tumultuous Republican race could go all the way to the party's national convention in Cleveland next July. 

Should Trump manage to rack up multiple primary wins and hundreds of delegates, the 2016 election would recast long-held conventions of the rhythms of presidential nominating contests and could even reshape American politics itself.

Pundits, GOP party officials and campaign reporters have for months expected the surge of the anti-politicians to crest and for traditional hopefuls to rise to the top of the polls, a pattern familiar from previous campaigns.

In turn, Republican voters may begin to question whether Trump is the GOP candidate with the most potential to beat likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a year's time.

If he did prevail in the primary process, Trump would present the Republican Party with a dilemma -- whether to accept a potential nominee who many fear could stumble in a general election or to try to install an alternative, perhaps in a coup at the party convention in Cleveland that might enrage the GOP base and tear the party apart.

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