Anonymous Goes After Donald Trump

Republican candidate Donald trump seems to be targeted by the Hacker collective Anonymous after trump's statement for banning all Muslims entering the United States.

Anonymous Goes After Donald Trump

Twitter accounts of the hacker group said that they briefly took down before as well the group also posted a video on YouTube for warning Trump.

U.S. Uncut reports that this tweet, which shows a screenshot of Trump’s site being attacked, also comes from a member of the Anonymous collective.

Trump’s divisive, unconstitutional comments come in the wake of a shooting in San Bernadino that killed 14, which was believed to be the first act of terror claimed by ISIS on American soil.

The businessman and media personality has a history of making outlandish comments, which has only been amplified during the presidential race. Some would say the most consistent thing about Trump’s policies and politics is his strategy of remaining the focus of media attention, by whatever means necessary.

This latest comment, however, goes beyond Trump’s own nonsense slinging campaign and actually threatens our nation’s security, according to Anonymous.

Anonymous has also declared December 11 ‘ISIS Trolling Day’ following an attack that allegedly hacked hundreds of ISIS social media accounts. The group asks people to take to social media and upload comical memes and images mocking ISIS using hashtags popularly used by ISIS members.
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