Jeb Bush says he would support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks to students and supporters during a tailgate campaign stop on the campus of Mississippi State, in Starkville, Mississippi on Saturday.

 Jeb Bush says he would support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush would support Donald Trump if the real estate billionaire were to win the Republican presidential nomination, “because anybody is better than Hillary Clinton”.

The previous Florida representative feels that result far-fetched, in any case, in light of the fact that the more voters know about Trump, especially on remote strategy, "the more outlandish he's going to get the Republican designation".

Another competitor, John Kasich, was asked on Sunday whether he would focus on supporting Trump if he win the selection. The Ohio senator, whose crusade this week discharged a promotion that seemed to contrast Trump with Hitler, would not say whether he would or not. Rather, similar to Bush, he said Trump would not win the gesture.

Shrubbery, who trails Trump by some separation in surveys with respect to the sizable Republican field, was identifying with CBS in a meeting show on Sunday morning, portions of which were distributed by Politico. Despite the fact that Trump's lead fell by 12 focuses in one late survey, he has surfed various discussions over remarks made on the battle field to keep up a solid point of interest.

The ghost of an autonomous keep running by Trump has hung over the Republican presidential field, in spite of an affirmation by the competitor himself that it won't happen. Assaults on Trump by different applicants as of late have restored such reasons for alarm.

Prior to his keep running in with the New York Times this week, over his seeming to impersonate a correspondent's handicap amid a battle discourse, Trump brought on a turmoil when he seemed to concur with a recommendation that all Muslims in the US ought to be enlisted and mosques shut.

He has additionally more than once demanded that Muslims in New Jersey were seen to commend the 9/11 assaults – a case disproved by New Jersey inhabitants, certainty checkers, the New York Times correspondent and police.

On Saturday, at a rally in Sarasota, Florida, he broadened his way to deal with the subject, saying: "Around the world, the Muslims were totally going wild."

Identifying with NBC on Sunday, Trump demanded he was "100% right" when he said he saw Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey, cheering the 9/11 assaults.

Bramble told CBS: "Look, I simply believe he's ignorant ... He realizes what he's truism. He's brilliant. He's playing you all like a fiddle – the press – by saying silly things and gathering consideration. That is his technique, is to command the news."

The whole Republican field has thought about the issue of security and the right disposition to displaced people from the Syrian common war, especially in the fallout of the fear assaults in Paris this month that killed 130 and harmed hundreds more and were guaranteed by Islamic State activists.

Their reactions have provoked broad feedback for charged Islamophobia. This weekend, Ben Carson, who contrasted Syrian displaced people with "out of control pooches", was in Jordan going by an evacuee camp. In an announcement from his battle, he said the US ought not take in any of the general population he met.

Shrub, similar to Texas representative Ted Cruz and Florida congressperson Marco Rubio, has called for Christian outcasts to be given need concerning section to the US, a position which President Obama called "despicable".

"We don't have religious tests for our empathy," the president said.

Identifying with CBS, Bush said of Trump: "The straightforward certainty is that he's been off-base on Syria and on the evacuees pretty reliably. Also, nobody's considering him responsible."

Approached on the off chance that he would bolster Trump for the administration in the event that he won the essential challenge which starts in Iowa on 1 February, Bush said: "Look, I've said … in light of the fact that anyone is superior to anything Hillary Clinton. Give me a chance to simply be clear about that.

"Be that as it may, I have awesome questions about Donald Trump's capacity to be president … I'll let the voters choose about Donald Trump. I'm really sure that the more they know about him, the more improbable he's going to get the Republican designation."

On ABC, Kasich said: "He's not going to make it. You know why he's not going to make it? Since someone who separates this nation here in the 21st century, who's calling names of ladies and Muslims and Hispanics and deriding journalists, then say[ing] I didn't do it yet he did do it … it's simply not going to happen."

Kasich closed: "And everyone needs to get over it and take a f
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