Emilia Clarke on Kit Harington sightings, Game of Thrones’ eight-season hardline

It’s been a couple weeks since Emilia Clarke attended The Wrap’s 7th Annual Power Women’s Breakfast, but there are a couple interesting quotes we didn’t catch on the first go-round.

 Daenerys in The Gift--Official HBO

Clarke, ever the trend-setter, actually sounded off on two topics many of her costars, not to mention the production staff, have avoided: the pre-season sightings of Kit Harington, and HBO’s announcement that the show will run for at least eight seasons.

We should begin with her remarks on Game of Thrones' secretive eighth season. Two or three months back, HBO president Michael Lombardo said that the show would keep running for no less than eight years, despite the fact that he obviously inferred that he'd be upbeat making considerably more. Presently we have Clarke clearing up the time allotment:

Better believe it, it's going to be close to eight. So I feel that we will have… possibly seven'll get split into two, or perhaps it'll simply be straight to eight.

Apologies, Mr. Lombardo—in any event so far as Clarke is concerned, eight is it.

Systems have been known not the last season of their distinction arrangement into two preceding—see The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men. Session of Thrones unquestionably qualifies as a notoriety appear, so I can see this incident. Accepting it continues according to regular, the part technique would give the makers at couple of more scenes to work with, say 75 rather than 70.

On the other hand, in the event that I were Lombardo, I would be pushing for a full eighth season, with its 10-scene payload. That may be best for the appear, as well, perceiving the amount of material the makers are getting to the table Season 6.

It's been something of an open mystery that Jon Snow, regardless of his homicide toward the end of Season 5, will be returning for Season 6 after on-set photographs of Kit Harington in full ensemble rose. A couple cast individuals have said something regarding the Is-Jon-Snow-Dead question from that point forward (Maisie Williams importantly adhered to her "yes-he-is" position, in spite of photographic proof despite what might be expected), however I think Clarke is the first to specify the holes. This is what she said in regards to Harington's appearance on set:

I surmise that he cherishes us, I believe that he misses us, and I feel that we get a kick out of the chance to upset those individuals who are snooping around our set, attempting to get data that they would prefer truly not to know.

Alright, so she's in effect beautiful jokey, yet handling the holes head-on is genuinely intense. I additionally cherish the proposal that HBO has been trolling us this entire time, and that the spilled pics were by one means or another set up to make us feel that Jon is back, despite the fact that he's very. I'm really sure that is not the situation, yet I would most likely add to an abnormal sort of admiration for the system on the off chance that it really pulled tha
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