Hillary Clinton triumphed at the Benghazi hearing by not losing her cool

Hillary Clinton had one mission during her day-long testimony in front of a House select committee investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya: Don't get angry.
What Difference Does it Make
Clinton's last appearance before the committee -- in January 2013 -- was defined by a single moment in which Clinton lost her temper with Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson (R) when he probed about the genesis of the attacks.

"What improvement, as of right now, does it make?" Clinton yelled at Johnson, waving her arms certifiably.

Republicans promptly seized on that made-for-digital TV minute as an indication of Clinton's dissatisfaction at being solicited to clarify the passings from Americans. Before long, it was everywhere throughout the Internet.

Clinton obviously had that upheaval at the forefront of her thoughts as she arranged for the marathon day of addressing about what she knew, when she knew it and how she responded in the keep running up and wake of the assaults in Benghazi. Her opening explanation was a dismal recognition of the four men who kicked the bucket in September 2012; she cast her appearance before the council as her method for respecting their administration. Over and over, she declined to be spurred to outrage by pointed inquiries by Republican individuals from the board of trustees, diverting the questions with either cleverness or newness. (I don't have the foggiest idea about those individuals, I didn't see that report, and so forth.)

In the meantime, Clinton was a long way from respectful when she oppose this idea. Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo (R), for instance, pushed Clinton to clarify why such a variety of security solicitations with respect to Benghazi had been made yet not satisfied. "I need to deferentially deviate," Clinton said. "Numerous security solicitations were satisfied."

Thus it went. Republicans doing all that they could to constrain Clinton into an affirmation that her courses of events or her presumptions weren't right, Democrats permitting Clinton time to tidy up any errors or misquotes she made while bashing their GOP associates for the divided way of the hearing.

The most warmed trade of the hearing, actually, divided board of trustees Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and positioning part Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) toward the end of the morning session over the part Clinton companion Sidney Blumenthal played in impacting Clinton's reasoning on Libya. Clinton, fittingly, stayed totally out of the fight.

Hillary Clinton triumphed at the Benghazi hearing by not losing her cool

As the listening to wore on - and the legislators got tired - things turned marginally more pointed. Gowdy pushed Clinton more than once on the nonpartisanship - or scarcity in that department - of the State Department's Accountability Review Board, which drove Clinton to "apologize" for his abhorrence of the ARB's discoveries. She additionally commandingly protected the work (and respect) of resigned Adm. Mike Mullen, who served as bad habit administrator of the ARB.

The newslessness of the hearing was a triumph for Clinton. There was no negative sound nibble from her. No affirmation of mistake. No snippet of genuine shortcoming or disarray about the occasions that developed on Sept. 11-12, 2012. The hearing was, in a word, exhausting. Furthermore, that is precisely what Clinton needed.
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