Greg Cosell's Film Review: The ups and downs of Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles of the Jacksonville Jaguars is still learning the nuances of playing quarterback in the NFL.

   Greg Cosell's Film Review: The ups and downs of Blake Bortles

He's in his second season, and you see some very good things from him. Other times, he misses things. The Jaguars hope that can be chalked up to growing pains.

Examine this play from a week ago against the Houston Texans. On Bortles' first dropback of the second from last quarter, he moved right. He was at first taking a gander at Allen Hurns, who was behind cornerback Johnathan Joseph, and the security to that side was low subsequent to responding to the shotgun play-activity fake. In any case, Bortles fell off Hurns. There's an absence of acknowledgment and clarity on Bortles' part there. Investigate, he missed what could have been a 75-yard touchdown:

There are the good and bad times of a youthful quarterback. I need to examine a portion of the great from ahead of schedule this season (he has 1,630 yards and 13 touchdowns, both in the main 7 among NFL quarterbacks), and a percentage of the mix-ups' regardless he making. We should investigate a few interferences from a week ago first.

Close to the end of the first half Bortles tossed a red-zone capture attempt to Texans wellbeing Andre Hal, and it was an unpleasant read and toss by Bortles. The Texans played red-zone "quarters" zone, with Lonnie Ballentine dropping out from the line of scrimmage and conveying tight end Julius Thomas on his inside inclination course. Hal was engaged right on Thomas and hopped the course before Bortles turned it free. It was a terrible play by Bortles the distance.

Hal's second block attempt was another awful perused by Bortles. Thomas ran a "Y stick," and Thomas read the outside influence of Hal. He throttled down after his out cut. Bortles did not represent Hal's arrangement and tossed the Y stick — right to Hal. Hal returned it for a block attempt, a key play as the Texans returned the final quarter to win.

Bortles, whose mechanics slipped late in his new kid on the block season, still has a little hitch in his conveyance; he has a slight respite after he isolates his hands and brings the ball back. What's more, he's not as reliably exact with ball situation as he should be, so he misses a few tosses he needs to make.

However, Bortles likewise moderates flashes that he can turn into a quality NFL starter. He makes some exceptional tosses. He's willing to turn it free with the mindset of a pocket quarterback.

Bortles additionally appears on a few plays that he's gaining ground. Two weeks prior against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he had a pleasant touchdown to Hurns. The play was intended to the tight end on his right side, Marcedes Lewis, however Lewis didn't win the one-on-one matchup early so Bortles fell off him. Bortles' starting look to his privilege moved the single-high security, and after that Bortles returned to Hurns, who was in the inverse opening against outside influence by the cornerback. At that point Bortles made an exact toss with great ball arrangement.

Bortles is making incremental strides in his improvement. He benefits a few things from the pocket now and again. He can set aside a few minutes tosses. There are times however, he resembles a quarterback who is still at a very early stage in his second year. The Jaguars are trusting he proceeds on the right way in his improvement and turns into a quality NFL beginning quarterback.

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