Which are the weirdest fetishes among people?

  • Eproctophilia
It is a natural body function to fart and we all fart: animals, people, small children, toddlers, older people, etc. It is a part of normal functioning of the human body. However, some people can find true sexual pleasure in farting. An individual can find rather arousing if a partner sends his/hers odeurs right to his/her face. On the other hand, if the other partner is not into this kind of fetish, the situation might become pretty disturbing and uncomfortable.

  • Klismaphilia
It is a fetish where sexual arousal is received by introducing liquids into the rectum using an enema. The fetish is used both by men and women even though men are more likely to be klismaphiliacs.  It is practiced heterosexually and homosexually and it just represents a form of unusual sexual activity and a break from traditional genital activity. Klismaphiliacs sometime fake constipation in order to get sexual satisfaction by introducing an enema.

  • Hierophilia
It refers to sexual arousal and fantasies involving religious and sacred objects. It is a kind of a sexual deviation but it’s nothing to really worry about so no treatment is actually sought. A hierophiliac is likely to masturbate with a cross or a statue of Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ. These objects should awake the feeling of purity and faith but with some people, the effect is completely opposite. We could say they are a special kind of sinners.

  • Emetophilia
The “vomit fetish”. The individual is aroused by other people’s vomit or his/her own vomit, or by vomiting in general. Some emetophiliacs include vomiting on a partner during sexual intercourse which is called “The Roman Shower” as referring to Roman feasts which included overeating and constant vomiting. Emetophiliac enjoy the act of vomiting just like the act of ejaculation, and they are also pleased by the right smell, color and texture of other people’s vomit.

  • Acrotomophilia
The “amputee fetish”; individuals are sexually aroused by amputees and share strong interest into their condition. Surveys show that leg amputations are always preferred to arm amputations; acrotomophiliacs find double-amputees the most exciting and sexually arousing. However, they are not only attracted to amputees but to paralysis, all different kinds of disabilities, wheelchairs, crutches, and people with sensory impairment.

  • Necrophilia – or necrolagnia; individuals get sexually attracted to corpses.
This could be a serious deviation given that a person can be deeply disappointed in relationships so he/she chooses a dead person as a partner, someone in whom he/she cannot be disappointed or someone who is incapable of hurting him/her. It can also be a realistic fear of death, which is transformed into desire through this kind of fetishism. Necrophilia is most likely to occur with animals.

  • Vorarephilia
An individual fantasies about being eaten by someone or something else, or eating another person, however, the person feels strong sexual arousal. Given that this kind of fantasy cannot be conducted in real life, vorarephiliac share their stories through the internet, via chat rooms or exchanging stories. Some of them fantasize about swallowing their partner or chewing him/her up, even devouring him/her. Some vorarephiliacs even dream of slowly cooking their partners, with love, and them eating them up with the best silverware by the candle light.
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