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It’s been 118 days since TrendsAround is in Air, Getting responses, reports, Guest posts and much more. Appreciation as well as the ideas and errors too. Going great with such a passionate responses from the readers.
In this two months Aug.- Sept. the blog has got its new professionally built Template, which had some problems and has been solved almost all of it.

Talking about the Plagiarism report by same the 13% duplicate content, 34% common content & 53% Unique content as was in June- July report has been completely changed in this months
TrendsAround :  Aug - Sept. ReportThe updated Plagiarism report :

Duplicate Content : 1%
Common Content : 47%
Unique Content : 52%
As I have said in earlier to minimize duplicate content, I have did my best for it and got the results. Feeling happy to see such report.
It’s been seen rise in the visitors as well, Almost doubled the visitors and getting higher day by day.  82.2% new visitors, Bounce rate is higher Yet the visitors have been increased from 2288 (earlier) to 4185 (Aug.- Sep) and feeling good about it.
Adsense is doing its work and till today the earning is  : $ 6.77 ( For me it’s NOT BAD actually)
284 Posts till date.
920 TrendsAround FB Page Likes, Check here
313 Pinterest Followers with 377 Pins, Check here  
626 Twitter Followers with 465 Tweets, Check here

It’s not all about earning more, So willing to work harder this two months now and let’s see what my next reports is going to say.

Thank you for the support will keep update this to higher and better.
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