Strange aviation mysteries and crashes

 Amelia Earhart  Disaster of flight 571 in the Andes Glen Miller  Legend of Bermuda Triangle

Among the many mysteries and stories on ancient monuments, freaking accidents, haunting castles or villages there are some mysteries that involve disappearing of passenger and fighter planes all across the world. For some there are many stories which might be true or otherwise while some have got their share of investigation and their theories hold true.

1. Disappearance of Amelia Earhart when circumnavigation of globe

In July 2, 1937 a pioneer in American aviation, Amelia Earhart with Fred Noonan, her navigator got disappeared in their Lockheed Electra when they were testing their skills for circumnavigation of globe. She was the first woman pilot that across the Atlantic flew solo before getting disappeared near Howland Islands of the Pacific. There are many theories which always keep mushrooming up about the current existence of Amelia. Among many theories it also believed that Earhart was an American spy but eventually got caught by the Japanese who took her as slave. While some other theories support that her aircraft might have no fuel left and certainly got crashed in sea. Though the real theory had never been got the consensus but it has always been a fascination about this disappearance which involves a woman pilot.

2. Disappearance of an Air Force plane of Glenn Miller over the English Channel

On December 15 of year 1944, legendary leader of the big band, Glenn Miller plane got disappeared near English Channel while he was travelling to Paris to give a performance to serviceman of France. As it is the case with any other place disappearance many theories came into picture for this plane with solo engine with some suggesting that it might have got crashed when the bombers from Lancaster had to abort an attack which was followed by friendly fire which dropped close to 100,000 bombs over Siegen, Germany through the use of fighter jets.

3. Legend of Bermuda Triangle is born

It was supposed to be just another air exercise mission for pilots of the Navy Avenger planes which eventually turned into one of the famous mysteries which is still talked about often. In the winters of 1945 on December 5, five navy avenger planes set out on a mission exercise under the able command of senior instructor Charles Taylor. But after few hours all the pilots of all the jets reported that they have got diverted from the actual targets and are not able to identify the landmarks on ground given to them before leaving for the mission exercise. It was also reported that the compass also stopped functioning when Taylor sent the distress message to naval air station which was located at Fort Lauderdale. More intriguing feature was the plane sent for the lookout for the missing planes also got vanished and with this the legend and mystery of the Bermuda Triangle got surfaced.

4. Disaster of flight 571 in the Andes –

One of the most tragic stories among many of the ill-fated flights which have been involved in either accident or disappearance, this one finds the place right at the top not because it’s sad but because it has survivors which went through extremes for their survival. A Uruguayan air force chartered plane, flight 571, which was carrying 45 passengers along with the crew and a rugby team of Montevideo, got crashed deep into Andes. While some of them, 12 in number, died on the spot in crash some died after an avalanche passed over the wreckage of the crashed plane when they were at rest waiting for help. Two of them braved 10 days of marathon trekking to find help which they eventually got from a person travelling in hills of Chile. Their ordeal lasted 72 days in which they became cannibals, feeding on their dead friends and passengers, in order to survive the harsh and freezing climate on the Andes.
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