People fake kidnapping for the weirdest reasons.

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  • Instead of talking to his wife...

Sometimes there are certain things you would really like to avoid or some night when you would really like to be out, partying hard with your friends. A good idea might be to fake your own kidnap.
Party Man
Instead of talking to his wife and arranging his evening, one man decided on faking his kidnapping in order to go out and party with his friends. He actually made a deal with his buddies to put on masks and to fake his own kidnap, breaking into his house and taking him at gunpoint in front of his scared wife. When they took him away, the woman immediately called the police and they organized a search for the man. After some time, the police still could not find any leads on the kidnapping and in the morning the man came back home after an all-night party. He continued lying to his wife, saying that the kidnappers had mercy on him and that they had finally let him go; some time later, he decided to confess that it was all a scam and that he just wanted to go out, have some drinks with his friends and some party time. The report also states that the man was scared of his own wife. The man was charged with faking a kidnap and his friends were made accessories.

Avoiding the Marriage

A couple in Oklahoma experienced something very unusual: the woman was supposed to get married, she got engaged to her beau, however the woman decided she wanted to experience one more fling with someone else. One day, she took her fiancé’s car and she went shopping downtown but she never came home from the supermarket. The fiancé reported that she was missing and two days later, the woman called him, telling him she was kidnapped in a nearby town and that a man is holding her against her will. The police immediately organized a search, including large billboards with her photograph on it and a hotline number. The fiancé had to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence because the woman’s friends thought he was the one who actually kidnapped her. The police detectives have been searching for the woman almost for one entire month through the entire state and they finally find her in a Texas hotel room – with another man! It was a true shock for everyone. She was soon arrested and sentenced to prison for stealing her fiancé’s truck and for making up a crime of false kidnapping.

Avoiding the Dentist ­–

The French police found an 11-year-old boy hiding in a small village the French Alps and he was screaming and claiming he had been kidnapped. However, he had not been kidnapped; he had been trying to escape his dentist’s appointment. Even though he had not been kidnapped, the boy perfectly described his abductor to the police: a man in his 30s, not very tall, dressed in a black shirt and some jeans, with a big scar on half of his scary face. The boy says he managed to escape the villain after he had taken him to a small village in the Alps nearly one hundred kilometers form the boy’s hometown. The police had been searching for this “kidnapper” for more than a month; however, they started doubting the boy’s story and they questioned him again. The boy admitted he made up the entire story in order to avoid his dentist’s appointment.

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