Nik Wallenda: Life on the rope

Nik Wallenda, the so-called "king of high-wire" will risk everything on this November 2. He plans to walk above the height of 50 feet. Some describe him like a hero, others like a crazy man. But, what really runs through Nik's blood? The seventh generation of a family of Austro-Hungarian origin is devoted to acrobatics.  They are known as "The Wallendas".  Nik is 35 and holds six Guinness record.  He began his career when he was four
Nik Wallenda: Life on the rope

The first official presentation of the family was recorded in 1928, when they were hired for an event at Madison Square Garden in New York. In the seventies, they were released with the maneuver of "The Flying Wallendas" which consisted of two pairs of artists who walk on a tightrope.  Each pair had a different load on the stick. In 1962, the family survived a tragedy, because the error caused the death of two and the third was paralyzed. Nik's great-grandfather, Karl Wallenda, died at age 73 doing a stunt between two towers in Puerto Rico. In 2011, Nik and his mother Delilah paid tribute to Karl making the last maneuver in the same place where he died.

Walking on the Chicago River

Wallenda made ​​his trek into two parts. First is among the buildings of the advertising agency of Leo Burnett and the second is across the Chicago River. Later, he will walk blindfolded between the west and east towers of Marina City. The walk is scheduled to begin at 6 pm, according to information provided by the source. Security among area has already been established
Nik Wallenda: Life on the rope

Discovery channel shared a generic interview with Wallenda, which highlights how faith plays a very important role in his life. "Whether or not walking on a rope, it is the faith that I find my strength from and the reason why I managed to keep calm when I do things like these. It is difficult to understand for those who were not raised within my family, but my grandfather said life is on the line. For us, life is walking on a wire, and it is normal that we do, "he shared.

Walking in Chicago is precisely dedicated to his grandfather, his great inspiration.

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