Lawsuit for USD60 Million: Lohan & Her Brother in Hot Waters

In light of recent events, the Lohans are in the midst of hot waters. Michael Jr., brother of Lindsay Lohan, along with her by his side have been slammed with a court stay order to cease any ongoing work regarding their e-commerce application based around fashion. This app is known as Vigme and an ex- business colleague has alleged the Lohans to have stolen his idea. He has successfully sued them for US$60 million as per the NY Post.

Lawsuit for USD60 Million: Lohan & Her Brother in Hot Waters
Saliann Scarpulla, a senior judge from the Manhattan Supreme Court has issued a non-permanent court order, restraining Michael Jr. Lohan & Lindsay Loahn from promoting, marketing or launching their Fashion app “Vigme”. This order followed FIma Potik’s filing of suit where he has declared that these siblings have successfully stolen business secrets from his company Spotted Friend and are launching a competitive business in an otherwise rather monopolistic idea of a business that he had launched.

Lawsuit for USD60 Million: Lohan & Her Brother in Hot WatersThe said app (either Vigme or Spotted Friend) makes friends’ and celebrities’ cyber closets available for viewing to its users and then shopping those objects if something catches their fancy. The Lohans and Fima Potik met for the first time in 2013 and became equity holding business partners in his venture Spotted Friend. After the said involvement, Potik shared his advertising plans, marketing ideas and a trial version of the said app with them as business accomplices.

A little while later he came across the news of the Lohan siblings to be launching their e commerce business Vigme that according to him is a Xerox copy of his business model, it’s mobile app being almost the same as Spotted Friend’s app in its layout and design

According to Potik’s worthy lawyer Kenneth David, the Lohan siblings’ theft of the business model including the layout, operations and designing of the Spotted Friend’s mobile application is in outright defilement of their fiduciary & contractual duties. However the Lohans’ lawyer terms the stay order as just a time bound waiting period while they file their side of the case and their papers to the court. According to their plea, Ravi Batra, the lawyer representing th eLohan siblings exclaims that Potik is managing to blow his trumpet based on an app that he has yet to create. He terms their case hollow and meritless

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