French Montana’s ‘Baby Forever’

Even though French Montana (a.k.a. Karim Karbouch) and Khloe Kardashian ended their romance of eight months in September, "I Luh Ya Papi" rapper seems to be carrying a huge torch for the reality star. He goes as far as stating that he and Kardashian are in a ‘special zone now’ and that she is his ‘baby forever.’ Montana even quips about his new music collaborator, Kanye West, making a ‘good brother-in-law!’

French Montana’s ‘Baby Forever’
The 29-year-old rap artist seems head over heels for the Kardashian sister, a fact that became abundantly clear at the Power 105.1 Powerhouse 2014 event in New York City, where he went on records stating, “Khloe inspires me as a person and I'm sure I inspire her in many different ways, we just have that special relationship. She's a beautiful person. I don't think a lot of people know how beautiful she is.” 

When asked for thoughts on Montana’s latest declarations, the reality TV entrepreneur seems to be completely at peace with it, even going on to say that she thought his actions were ‘cute.’ Even though they seem to have split up, the pair seems remarkably close as Khloe reveals that she just 'loves' seeing her and French together in her latest show, ‘Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons.’
French Montana’s ‘Baby Forever’The show apparently features the then couple’s little trip to South Africa, an outing Khloe remembers with emotion as she takes a walk down memory lane stating, “I had so much fun and I really love how we were only there for like 48 hours, but he planned so many things. I like that he pushes me to do things that I probably wouldn't do otherwise.”
While some feel that French Montana is simply looking for more face time on TV, chasing behind the publicity status of the Kardashians, Montana denies this while stating that ‘love doesn’t come like that.’ 

Even though the couple broke up because Khloe said she needed a break from their whirlwind romance, Montana does not seem to be too worried about where their story is going to end, as his new single ‘Don’t Panic’ seems to be taking inspiration from the woman he holds so dearly to his heart.
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