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Cynthia RouseThis young entrepreneur asked me to write a guest blog post so I am doing so. I am not a corporate or commercial Star. I am an Entrepreneur and a successful one. I started my career as a commercial model, rather like a cheesecake, lingerie or cosmetics model. At 17, I started getting work and within a couple of years, I was working all up and down the East Coast, interviewing with Ford Models and Playboy Models and truly, it was an awesome and lucrative time in my life. I made money, traveled and got to hang out with stars of every type. I had a full time modeling career when I went for classical acting training at a professional school in WDC, A couple of years later, I was starring on stage in WDC in a well known play and getting calls from casting directors. I worked onscreen in small parts for A list films, continued training, working and going to college. The onscreen work got me my union card.

My career was interrupted by the responsibilities of family life, but this is where the journey of entrepreneurship began to take hold. I started writing. Then I started taking writing classes. The writing professors said "you have talent" the acting reviewers said "damn, she's good" the modeling agents said "you can get $400 an hour for this" 

So, the idea begins to take root. I keep writing. I suddenly have a manuscript. I got big publishers and literary agents to read it. They said "this is not bad" "you have wonderful powers of description" "keep refining"

So, I think, how about if I just sell this directly to stores? This is what I did. I got BORDERS to buy thousands of them. That was almost 20 years ago. From here I started phoenixliterary and I don't know, maybe I'm a novelty act at this point, but people are paying $50 a copy for custom made books. Starting in 2004, I was making a real profit and living as an entrepreneurial artist. I wrote commissioned pieces for clients. Then I started OriginalCyn, laptop amusements for my audience and this is morphing into performance art and a spoken word album. Honestly, I think the music will find it; because entrepreneurship is about creative motion, constant innovation, always refining and improving my work and consistently reaching a broader and broader pool of clients. I'm not a star. I am an artist and entrepreneur. I am a businesswoman.

Cynthia Rouse
If I could encourage a young entrepreneur, I would say this: YOU KNOW if you are really good. It is not enough to have talent. You need applied business skill to make it work. Brilliant people can fail, if they lack the discipline or financial understanding to make the dollars and cents work. Something else. Do not go into debt to create. I have been in profit since the first book that I sold and even my husband at the time, a very successful executive, could not believe the windfall I was hauling. I have been a brand for almost a dozen years and do not have a penny of debt. Over the years I've had millions of views and I don't release sales figures, but more than most folks would probably guess.

Phoenixliterary/OriginalCyn is paper and ink or e books, commissioned pieces, video vignettes and my newest product is scripted lyric performance art. 

My two new projects are BLACKLIST and LUCRE

To see phoenixliterary   cynthiarous.webs.com

I offer a generous amount of free content and very fair prices for original content.
Any viewer can contact me through the site.

If you are an artist, of any stripe, and your audience or your critics reward you with universally positive responses, you have the talent to be an entrepreneur. If you can combine this with business acumen and disciplined vision; well, you may just build yourself a brand that lasts.

I'm happy to give entrepreneurs strategies or advice. Good Luck to the innovators!  

Guest Post By Cynthia Rouse
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