CSI series finale react: Into the sunset

I'm not certain what I anticipated from "Interminability," the two-hour gathering finale that finished CSI's 15-year keep running on Sept. 27. Returning cast individuals? Granted, and there were bounty: Original arrangement stars William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger returned, consigning last stage stars Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue to a couple of scenes (for him) and a disposable reference to an offscreen demise (for her). There was likewise Lady Heather, kind of the Irene Adler to Grissom's Sherlock.

Furthermore, there was that baffling redheaded youthful specialist, gladly announcing that this was her first day at work. "Where did that young lady originate from in any case?" asked Grissom. Willows, after a long delay: "My vagina!" Yes, that was Catherine Willows' little girl, a second era CSI. The way that this was Willows Jr's first day at work — and the way that she quickly referenced "giving blood" and "chocolate secured grasshopper" — were callbacks to CSI's first scene, which presented new kid on the block CSI Holly Gribbs, an everyman crowd surrogate differently befuddled and blew a gasket by Grissom's night-time geek squad.
Obviously, the enormous irregular dull joke in the CSI pilot was that Gribbs didn't keep going long: Shot to pieces before the end of scene 1, dead part of the way through scene 2. 10 years and a half later, CSI was in no inclination for anything so intense. A bomb goes off in a gambling club, which promptly makes everybody consider terrorism. Be that as it may, the trail rapidly prompts Lady Heather, which brings Grissom once more from his ace bono experiences as, similar to, a sea rebel. (One of Grissom's first lines in the film: "Seems as though some person bounced a shark!")

The finale turned on a couple of exceptionally out-there twists, some pseudo-exploratory (South American brain control blossom!) and some pseudo-psychographic (heaps of discuss the figurative ramifications of "predominance" and "resigned"). Halfway through the two-hour running time, a couple suspects showed up, and one of them was played by Doug Hutchinson. In the event that you've ever seen Doug Hutchinson in anything, this was the puzzle's end.

Still, it was fascinating seeing this most coldly consistent of riddle shows enjoy its sentimental side. At a certain point in the finale, a puzzling awful gentleman sends in a face-scrambling feature message straight to Grissom: "The excellent finale is particularly intended for you." That vibed like a meta statement of purpose for "Everlasting life," which worked best as a to a great degree exaggerated triangle between Grissom, long-term opponent/vague adoration interest Lady Heather, and much more time associate/ex Sara.

No, in any case, at one point in the second hour, "Godlikeness" went full cleanser, with Heather and Sara grilling one another versus Grissom:

“You’re scared for him.”
Sara: “I am.”
Heather: “Do you love him?”
Sara: “I do.”
Heather: “I believe you.”
Sara: “You should. Do you?”
Heather: “Do I what?”
Sara: “Love him.”
Heather: “…No.”

If you didn’t buy that, then there was another, quieter ending embedded in the finale. “I’m not one for big goodbyes,” said D.B. Russell, the chief-dude CSI for lo these past four seasons. “Cakes. Candles. Hullaballoo.” Russell was packing his things and heading East; Danson’s joining Cyber in a couple weeks. The oceans are lucky to have him.

What did you think of the CSI finale? 
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