225,000 Apple account compromised because of a malware!!!!!

Do you have an iPhone?? Is it JailBroken? 

If "Yes" than must read this Post!


New Malware named “ KeyRaider” is trending online now! Actually it’s an alert just for iPhone users who has jailbroken phone. Manager of vulnerability and exposure team at Tripwire said that average iPhone user is not affected by this!!

What is Jailbreak actually?

Jailbreak refers to remove the OS hardware restriction on the Apple devices for allowing non-Apple approved Apps. (Apple Devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.)

What does KeyRaider do?

The malware steals apple account usernames, passwords and advice information by intercepting iTunes traffic on the user’s device. It gets on the phone via infected downloads or apps (As said earlier one which are not approved by Apple’s store said Apple Spokesman.
The malware is actually a good example of how well Apple's built-in security works, as long as users don't disable it!!
Researchers found that around 225,000 Apple account had been compromised!!!!

So how can you be safe?

It’s simple even if you have jailbroken device don’t use the unauthorized application. As said by Tim Erin “The world Outside of Apple’s Universe isn’t always so safe.

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