World's First 'Car in a Bag' Made! Know How It Works Here!

Here is a cracking news for all of those people who have interest in technology and cars. Everybody knows that the use of cars is just to travel or some kind of persons have their hobby to have information on cars or to have different types of cars in their garage. Everybody likes to have a car which has a tag of Japan. Japan is developing day by day in the field of technology. Now in 2015, Japan has made a huge blast in technology.

World's First 'Car in a Bag' Made! Know How It Works Here!

According to a newspaper Tribune, Engr. Kuniako saito, he is 26 years old and a Japanese citizen has launched a walk car. He is working in a motor company Cocoa Motors. His work was in the form of a team. This walk car is lithium battery transporter, the size of the walk is just as big as a laptop and looks like a skateboard. Mr. Kuniako sainto said while he was giving brief on walk car that this walk car is made of aluminum and the weight of the car will depend upon the version of the car but the car which has launched and has displayed is only of between 2 to 3 kilograms. The consumers can use this displayed car as indoor purpose and outdoor purpose. 

As the aluminum is the lightest metal, so the aluminum board which is used in walk car is very low but strong. This board is able to carry 120 kilograms. The walk car will be charged once and be able to move on an average speed of 10 Km/h and will travel a distance of 12 Kilometers, the charge duration of the battery will be 3 hours to cover this distance and to move at a speed of 10 Km/h. 

Many of functions has been introduced in this car. We can use this car for the purpose of pushing the wheelchair in correct direction. The car will start automatically as we shall stand on the board step off will be taken in meanings that we giving command to walk to be switched off. The direction of the car will be changed with the change of weight of the user on the edges of the board. If user wants turn the transporter on the left side then he has to put his weight on the left edge of the board more as compared to the other edges. The user can take this transporter into his bag.

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