Weirdest Ways to Get High

Many different ways to party hard and get high, however these are some of the most impressive ones.

Nutmeg – cooking spice can really get you high. What are the odds? Actually, nutmeg contains myristicin (something similar to mescaline) and the ancient Hindus used it as a drug to get high. One should be ingesting a great amount of it in order to get high and the effect can take sometime in the next 48 hours, even more. It is said that it does not really give a pleasant experience, causing severe hallucinations and nausea.

Krokodil – 

A very dangerous drug, extremely popular in Russia, probably one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. It is a pretty cheap drug and it can be home-made from codeine, red phosphorus (the red tip on matches) and some paint thinner. That really sounds creepy. Anyway, the users’ skin is starting to rot to the bone and “krokodil” is also known as the Flesh-Eating Drug. The addicts do not live long, maybe a couple of years after the first shot.

Snake Venom – a snakebite can be deadly, but Steve Ludwin has been injecting himself snake poison for twenty years in his own apartment in the heart of London. He was taking the deadly venom from poisonous snakes, such as cobras, and then he injected the venom into his veins; the venom entered his body through the bloodstream and this was how the crazy Englishman got high every day. He claims that injecting venom actually got him in the best euphoric state he had ever experienced in his lifetime. He also claims that the venom has an anti-aging power. Even though Ludwin is 40, he seems much younger because of the snake poison. Toads – 
This one is really hard to believe, it actually sounds like an urban legend or a myth, rather than the truth. Actually, there are poisonous toads that excrete 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine, and one of them is the famous Bufo Alvarius. Even though their poison is deadly dangerous, sometimes it can just get you very very high. There is no report on humans licking toads and getting high but some Australians took videos of their dog acting crazy after licking a toad. The dog really seems high, you should check it out. 

Dusting – 

several decades back, young people were sniffing glue and gas fumes; however, the newest cheap drug on the market if Dust-Off, a compressed gas which is used for cleaning computers. A really chip high-stuff. It seems harmless and but it can cause severe brain damage, hallucinations and even lead to heart attack and death. Salpa – 

This is the Sarpa Salpa Fish, which was a very popular drug during the time of Ancient Rome; they partied hard using this fabulous fish with gold stripes. Its head is particularly hallucinogen and when one eats it he suffers intense hallucinations followed by the worst nightmares. Two men, who ate the fish in 2006, claim that they had hallucinations for days; it was on their holiday in Africa when they decided to try something different, but the fish nightmares were not what they expected. 

Reindeer Urin – 

Some shamans are drinking reindeer pee in order to get high. You have no idea why? Because reindeers eat many psychedelic mushrooms called the Fly Agaraic so the poison collects in the urine and the urine becomes “contaminated” so it can have psychedelic effect on those who consume it. It is said that the mushroomed pee causes nausea and grave hallucinations.

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