The Highest Paid Actress earns $52,000,000 Guess Who??

However it may look like similar to expected, evident reports, this is the 1st calendar year Jennifer Lawrence features capped your once-a-year Forbes Highest-Paid Stars Listing.

The Highest Paid Actress earns $52,000,000 Guess Who??

Your Oscar-winning 25-year-old using a pair of worthwhile franchises-Hunger Online games along with X-Men-to your ex brand received a stunning $52 trillion pre-tax around 12 a few months for you to prime your listing. Your celebrity may possibly list perhaps larger upcoming calendar year due to your ex recently presented apparel range, nevertheless Assortment stories that will Mc Carthy cars are getting to be massively common worldwide, using Traveler along with Tammy grossing a new put together $335 trillion around the world.

The Highest Paid Actress earns $52,000,000 Guess Who??Your ever-growing intercontinental viewers built their level for the 2015 Forbes Highest-Paid Actresses listing also using Chinas Jackie Chan being released in directly behind Robert Downey Junior.

Regarding Hollywood’s notorious salary space, there’s even now with regards to a $30 trillion big difference relating to the highest-paid celebrity, Lawrence, plus the highest-paid acting professional, Downey Junior.

The complete 2015 Forbes Highest-Paid Stars Listing is often as employs:
  1. J. Lawrence                                         $52,000,000
  2. Scarlett Johansson:                              $35,500,000
  3. Melissa McCarthy:                              $23,000,000
  4. Bingbing Fan:                                     $21,000,000
  5. Jennifer Aniston:                                 $16,500,000
  6. Julia Roberts:                                      $16,000,000
  7. Angelina Jolie:                                    $15,000,000
  8. Reese Witherspoon:                            $15,000,000
  9. Anne Hathaway:                                 $12,000,000
  10. K. Stewart:                                          $12,000,000
  11. Cameron Diaz:                                    $11,000,000
  12. Gwyneth Paltrow:                               $9,000,000
  13. Meryl Streep:                                      $8,000,000
  14. Amanda Seyfried:                               $8,000,000
  15. Sandra Bullock:                                  $8,000,000
  16. Emma Stone:                                       $6,500,000
  17. Mila Kunis:                                         $6,500,000
  18. Natalie Portman:                                 $6,000,000

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