Search Giant Company Google forms parent company ‘Alphabet’

On Monday Google unveiled a surprise corporate reorganization, which formed a new parent company as Alphabet. Alphabet will include the Internet search engine as one of the several entities. 

Search Giant Company Google forms parent company ‘Alphabet’

Larry Page, Google’s chief executive announced this change and said that he would hold the same title at Alphabet. Tech giant’s newer ventures such as the research arm X Lab which is an investment unit in google ventures & Health & Science operation.

Search Giant Company Google forms parent company ‘Alphabet’Google’s search unit will have the CEO Sundar Pichai who is currently VP.

Pichai's vision was understood in March, when he wrote:

"Just a few years ago, this divide between the digital haves and have-nots looked like it might be an intractable problem. Over 4 billion people — more than half the world — seemed stuck on the wrong side of the chasm, unreachable in any real or affordable way by existing technology, be it devices or an actual Internet connection. But things are starting to look brighter."

Alphabet will include units focusing on life sciences such as glucose sensing contact lens and health research firm. Google X which handles research on self-driving cars and internet balloons will be separate unit.

Google will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Alphabet.  Google unit includes search, search ads, apps, YouTube, maps, android related technical infrastructure according to a regulatory filing. As we know that Google has for years been leader in internet search and has turned adverts linked to highly lucrative business. 

Jan Dawson of Jackdaw research agreed on this on twitter,

The new structure of the company means as each of the projects including such as “Wacky” have to stand alone and produce results.

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