Recalling the memories of the First Atom Bomb on Hiroshima Day

6th August, may be one don’t remember this day but this day is known as Hiroshima Day and its terrible memories will be with Japanese people forever. 

Recalling the memories of the First Atom Bomb on Hiroshima Day
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In 1945, United States president Harry S. Turman gave an order to drop an Atomic bomb on the Japanese city because of the response by Japanese in Potsdam conference. And so on 5th August, while a conventional bombing was underway, an Atom bomb (Little Boy- Nick Name of the Bomb) was loaded to the Plane Tinian Island in the Marianas. The plane left the island on 2:45 a.m., and after five and half hour “Little Boy” was dropped. The bomb exploded at 8:16 am, it had several inscriptions scribed on it as “Greetings to the Emperor from the men of the Indianapolis”, and after couple of days on 9th August “Fat Man” was dropped on the Nagasaki.

It busted over 60,000 buildings, killing over 80,000 people. From the 200 doctors, only 20 doctors were left and from 1780 nurses only 150 remained to take care of sick and dying.

Photo of a statue of a man and woman, holding a small child and praying
Statue of Prayer in Hiroshima Peace Park

Source: Wikimedia Commons
The bombing effectively ended World War II, bringing surrender of Japan yet with terrible price. This massacre did stop the World War but the price with human blood. This is the day is now focused for Antiwar, Anti-Nuclear discussion as well as for praying for peace, regardless of race and nationality. 
This day must be kept in memories not just for people of Japan but for the whole world, Sometimes due to this kind of War a Nation wins, a country celebrates winning over another country but humanity dies and that’s the worst.
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