Obama praises Hillary as a Great President

President of the United States, Barack Obama was said to praise Hillary Clinton during an interview. In one Interview which was with ABC News , Obama was quoted as saying she would be "A Great President".


During the interview the US President Obama believed that the American people wanted a new car smell after him being in office for the last eight years. He stated that he believed Hillary Clinton would make a great and formidable candidate. Obama stated that the two were friends and chatted regularly. The President did make a general statement about many Democratic Party candidates that could be great presidents but the only one mentioned by name was Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama went on to say that just because Hillary didn’t agree with him on all his policies and stances didn’t make any difference to his opinion, and would probably be a welcome change by the voters on the United States of America. 

Obama praises Hilary as a Great PresidentHillary Clinton has been critical of Obama’s policy on foreign decisions, but praised his decision to invoke his executive right protecting immigrants in the millions already living illegally in the United States. Hillary Clinton, despite an uproar by other members was said to have stated the decision a very historic step. Clinton was very supportive of the executive action move. Obama also talked about the nuclear program in Iran with concern, and also urged the Ferguson, Missouri people to try and stay calm while waiting for the grand jury decision on the death of Michael Brown who was shot by police officer on August 9th. This police shooting started protests with went on for weeks in the St Louis suburb.

Hillary Clinton last ran for office in 2008 but lost the presidential Democratic nomination to Obama. And as we all know the 2016 presidential campaign is already started for the 67th United States Secretary of States, in 2016 its her second bid for the presidency, according to worldwide polls Hillary Clinton is considered as front runner in the presidential run. So its all about a fate and the citizens now.

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