Jessica Alba's Honest Company under Fire under Complaints

We all like the products when Popular Stars are endorsing them. People got to buy them for sure, and celebrity endorsement is seen a big new trend from last decade or around. 

More from this topic If the celebrity has its own brand or own product, the value of the product gets for sure higher than the other products with same contents. And as the value gets higher, it can burn out from top to bottom when the product is not at all up to the mark. The same scenario is seen with the brand “Honest Company”, a Jessica Alba’s company.

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company markets "Safe and eco-friendly household and baby care products", Now the customers found them least Safe and not at all good for babies and for adults as well. The Sunscreen sold by the company does not provide sun protection at all.
Jessica Alba's Honest Company under Fire under Complaints

Many different users of the product tweeted their burned skin’s pic and shared their UNHAPPINESS for the sunscreen on Twitter as well as on the other social media network too. Now when it comes to talk about the product it’s a SPF 30 sunscreen with broad spectrum, mineral based protection (users found none protection), the consumers are too frustrated on the product.
On the Review of the Honest company on the Amazon 

Its 60% reviews are of 1 star, with reviews tagged as “Do not buy this”, “The Stuff is Crap”, “Horrible Product”, “Worst Sunscreen Ever” and many more. 

Lets See the Tweets from the Consumers. 

Still the Honest Company issued a statement on this as the product stands the safety and quality measures. And it meets all standards issued by US Food & Drug Administration, as well it was tested by an independent company FDA protocol. 

The Thing is FDA requires the sunscreen product to use 25% of Zinc Oxide while an investigation by NBC Chicago  found that the company dropped it from 20% to 9.3% at some point.

Parents are really angry because of such a Horrible Product, and for sure it will affect Jessica Alba for sure. It’s not about just a Celebrity with the product, if it’s good it will automatically get sold. In my opinion it’s not at all the Celebrity essence needed it’s the Quality that is needed with the product.
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