Disaster to Luxury : Titanic Beach Lara

Almost all 90's children as well as adults grew up with a beautiful love story as well as a disaster of Titanic with the real Disaster in 1912 and Movie romance by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio, Titanic has been the most popular.
Disaster to Luxury : Titanic Beach Lara
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Whereas today I am not going to tell you more on these topic but if I ask you for your next vacation plan, where would you go? It would be some near about places or may be abroad as well. Visiting Titanic would not be a far guess for sure.

But a Turkish hotel Titanic Beach Lara is worth going, the Hotel is in Antalya, Turkey. The hotel as can be seen a perfect (Not obviously perfect) replica of the Doomed Ocean Liner. There are many amazing parts of the hotel which are just wonderful and of course unlikely the tragedy this Titanic is convenient as by locations as well as the shopping criteria. 

Disaster to Luxury : Titanic Beach Lara
Tarik Egemen, Marketing manager said, “We were inspired by the legendary cruise ship Titanic. It was the most elegant, luxurious, and comfortable cruise ship of its era,”
Disaster to Luxury : Titanic Beach Lara According to him, plus 550 rooms featuring porthole-style windows and ocean views, 3 Swimming pools, Turkish bath as well as all amenities. Can be dined on the decks of the hotel which is surrounded by the cruise ship railings.

And yes, people can reenact the “king of the world” scene between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate’s characters in the movie, Titanic.

So, we can consider this as a Disaster to Luxury, a great welcome to 21st Century
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