has some interesting details on Ashley Madison users

Ashley Madison user's privacy is sacrificed as per the recent news, we all know that the hackers have uploaded such data on the Internet. Which is in news all around, in this accordance has uploaded some interesting graphs which can be seen below,

Dadaviz has some interesting details on Ashley Madison users

FairFax media has not been able to verify the information and nor the Dataviz as the accounts  as “Active”. as per the details Sao Paulo city has the highest number of accounts on Ashley Madison,

But if the numbers are correct  Sydney, Melbourne are on the top lists having listed on third and the sixth number in the list. Sydney , Melbourne are revealed as HOT BED of Affair activity being in the highest number of account holder list.
7.6 %  of Sydney's 3.3 million-working-age population, and  7.1 % of Melbourne's 3 million working-age-population, have accounts. Given that the hackers say between 90 and 95 % of accounts on the database are male, if the numbers are correct then up to 15 % of the states' male populations would have an active account.

More to this also posted the graph containing including graphs of the eye and hair color and body shape of the hack's 37 million revealed users.

According to data among the accounts 34% accounts are fake and there are over 36 million email ID in the database of the Ashley Madison.

Surprisingly they have found the data of how many government officials have account on it, with highest 1405 members of USA govt. officials  are reported on the data of is noted by usage of govt. Email addresses)

They have the data on the private sector as well, they have found that IBM employees are in lead of having Ashley Madison accounts.

The users with email id as , Among the best 20 schools of America Cornell email Id’s are used most.

Certainly this data graphs have not been verified but What if it’s true!!!  Or it has some truth??

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