"Bare With Us" Right to be topless :Protest Led by Alysha Brilla

Hearing about protests is kind of now a daily routine, every day we hear a news about new protest on something. May be something understandable or may be something weirdo. Something like a new trend to protest about every single topic is around. But I am not debating about this topic right now, just one of the weirdest protest I hear about.

Bare With Us
What is your opinion about protesting for something weirder or can be think as logically weirder!!! A new Protest named “BARE WITH US” started in Ontario. The protest is quite controversial, as it’s about woman’s rights. But Right to be topless in Canada, Yes you heard it right woman has a right to be topless in public. And one thing I personally did not know till it risen up that Ontario girls has a right to be topless in public since 1996. 

Bare With Us
The protest is led by an Indo-Canadian Jazz singer, Alysha Brilla. Leading hundreds of women and topless among them too, were in a public rally organized by Alysha and her two sisters. The thing was they got stopped by Police in Canada for cycling topless about a week ago, saying “because it is a Law”.

The women in the rally carried many slogans some of them are as,

They feed you, they breed you, but they sure as hell don't need you”

"They are boobs, not bombs, chill out."

“My body, My Choice” And more 

Now without judging this protest let me conclude this by asking you all,
What’s your thinking about this protest?
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